Will You Like These Bulgarian Wines?

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Wine time @Grape Central

It’s been a while since I took a look at wine. The last time was a tasting of Bulgarian rose wine. Prior to that I wrote about the wines from Midiladare Estate and before then I compiled my Top 10 Bulgarian wines: but vintages have changed. Join me as I set about a Summer of wine discovery.

No easy task!

Hot sizzling summer days are here.  I could delay no longer and have to share some whites and rose wines as well as reds.

I enlisted help from Yana Petkova.  She is a contributor to DiVino wine magazine, on the panel of the International Wine Challenge held in London, highly qualifies as well as a trail blazing wine bar owner in Sofia.

Listen, or download the podcast, to reveal the huge choice of wine that is now available in Bulgaria — uniquely so for a country that is such a large producer of wine.

Bulgaria Now has reached its seventh podcast.

Some recordings have suffered from my inexperience. A few clumsy efforts from me. But, as they say, practice makes perfect so, undeterred, I took the mobile studio to her “Grape Central” wine bar, switched the mic on and recorded “on the fly”.

And realised how little I knew about wine in Bulgaria compared to Yana. She has a wealth of fascinating wine knowledge.

 Bulgaria Now is available to be downloaded on iTunes.


In the second podcast, above, Yana recommends some of her favourite wines… as I do mine. If any of these float your boat, then I would love to know.

Le Photographe from Minkov Brothers

The first part includes some great tips for those readers sitting at their desk and dreaming of setting up a bar/restaurant/business here in Bulgaria.

New ideas; new places ; innovation. Bulgaria is changing and becoming much more dynamic.


Bulgarian white wines

Villa Yustina; a new breed of fresh white wines

I have been a huge supporter of the best of these whites… but still local friends are skeptical. This is mostly down to a load of rather indifferent Traminer wine sold at around €2.20 per bottle.

Cheap but usually not worth it.

Bulgarian wine Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon and Pint Gris from Midiladare. But Silver Angel @12 leva is my favourite.

But the quality of these whites is getting seriously good in relation to their price.

Take, for example, Minkov Brothers Photographe series. This is absolutely the type of high quality white wine that, for me is loads better than a “cheap” Chablis which can cost over €10.

This Photographe series of wine is around 18 leva.

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