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Bulgarian Wine

Anyone For Rose? Pink times on the Black Sea Coast

Since last reviewing my top Bulgarian wines, there has been more and more competition in the world of Bulgarian wine. Some prices have come down, including my favourite, the top Enira 2007. Now 16 lev at Metro. But it’s hot and sunny here, and I’ve become attached to some more than acceptable rose´ wines. Summer rose wine drinking serve three roles for me. They work as an aperitif, they please most when combining with food such salads, fish, cheese, bob and light summer dishes. And the ladies seem to like the pink colour.

Pour yourself something cool, and, if in Sofia, try the 1.5 litre jugs of homemade lemonade (10 lev) on BeSo’s be seen terrace. Failing that, and if in the office, then transport your mind to your favourite summer memories. Wherever you are, Bulgaria’s role, in the once frowned upon world of rose´ (or blush wine as it was called), looks like its here to stay. The rose´wines have evolved wonderfully, and there ar every few, if any, undrinkable rose´s being sold. Here are my top three and all are widely available in Bulgaria.

No Man’s Land Gold Rose 2010

rose wine

No Man's Land Rose Gold 2010

The winner leads by a country mile (or rather kilometre), if a trip to Metro is made. As the No Man’s Land Gold Rose, from Damianitza is half price right now. It’s just 5 lev. This is makes it doubly easy to share this one with friends. In these wonderfully warm evenings this wine cuts the mustard served very chilled. But make no mistake, this No Man’s Land Gold Rose is top value rose wine at the normal price (outside metro around 12 lev).

This Rose has some winemakers notes as follows: “Vatted in stainless steel tanks, with extended yeast lees contact for 3 months. The grape must was macerated for 6-7 hours at 14oC. The juice was then drawn off and left for 2 days to settle at 10 oC. The decanted clear juice was fermented for 3 weeks at 15-16 oC. Our aim was to create an elegant and fruity wine with vivid colour and balanced taste. The overall impression is for a harmonious wine with full-bodied character and long aftertaste.”

So in simple terms this is a Rose wine with flavour.

Logodaj Melnik Rose 2010

Bulgarian wine

Logodaj, For simple cheap quaffing. A Pink Party?

Logodaj Melnik Rose wine makes no demands on the drinker. Simple, affordable (6 lev) and fresh. This blended rose comes with a sensible screw cap. An unassuming, bog standard rose´. Not offensive, but not earth shatteringly amazing; just a very affordable everyday rose wine.

The Logodaj winery has been producing some excellent red wines at decent prices, so I was particularly keen to sample their pink offering. I was wondering if this could be a way of getting rid of excess wine — rose´ has a reputation for lack of care. However, no sign of poor wine here. This is a fresh rose´, that as far as my memory servies me, outstrips the cheaper ones found from other countries.

From the Logodaj website they say: “Logodaj Winery, founded in 1994. is located in the heart of the beautiful valley of the Struma River in south western Bulgaria. This is the most beautiful and warmest Bulgarian region, with rich history and beautiful scenery, a region with millennial tradition in viticulture and wine making, in which warm sunlight and the terroir are favorable and craftsmanship of the winery enjoys perennial recognition.”

And it goes on…“Only in this part of the world in the Struma River is unique Bulgarian varieties grown Broad Leaved Vine and Early Melnik Vine.”

Errrr… I’m, not sure about the over top marketing speak; but the Logadaj wines are worth trying, and this simple rose is unlikely to disappoint. If you need a better quality rose, then try the 16 lev Logodaj Nobile Rose´.

Cycle Minkov Brothers Rose´2009

Minkov Brothers Cycle Rose

Minkov Brothers Cycle Rose: An Everyday Pink Fest

The huge success of Cycle wines is down to what, some would say, is heavy marketing. But, for me, the Minkov Borthers wines are well priced, available everywhere — and consistent. I have praised their Gewurztraminer for its easy drinking as well as their Chardonnay/Colombard, their Sauvignon Blanc is excellent value for the money. This rose´is closer to the medium priced end at around 7 lev to 9 lev. But in my view, it’s a fair price.

This rose´accompanied my indian curry recipe nicely, and will probably match even better any sweet and sour Chinese dish.

A Blushing Conclusion

I have to confess I am a convert to rose´wines. Perhaps it is the association with happy times in Paris that makes it the default choice for summer quaffing. As rose´wines are widely available, this year it seems there is a fashion to be seen ordering a rose´ wine in a more upscale bar or restaurant. And like so many things here, being considered fashionable holds the key to sales. Nazdrave.

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  1. @winepornography says:

    Your conclusion is right, rose wine is extremely fashionable but dont worry its not going to fade as rose wines are made of superior quality. Rose wines are for consumption all year round and not just summer. I get most of mine from the pink wine specialist –

  2. Charlie says:

    You should try the Project Rose from Dragomir winery. It was recommended in a restaurant we visited and it is so delicious, strawberries being a strong flavour. Perfect!

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