Bulgarian Wine: Midalidare A New Wine Estate

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Midalidare Estate, Suavignon Blanc Silver Angel

Midalidare Estate, Sauvignon Blanc Silver Angel

It’s Bulgarian wine review time of year. The last few weeks of summer drinking rose´ wine will soon make way for some top Bulgarian wines that deliver a more serious punch.

Midalidare: a name hard to pronounce

In search of new inspiration, Milena, our enthusiastic winos club member, suggested that we try some wine from Midalidare Estate. She had heard that they were using some well respected New Zealand oenologists to create a distinctive style of Bulgarian wine. I could see they have been winning many international awards, most recently their Gold medal award in the Mondus Vini blind tasting competition. The 11th Mondus Vini competition had 270 experts from 40 countries assembled — a competition with real credibility. The Midalidare Grand Cuvee´2009 won Gold as well as silver awards for their Syrah and Pinot Gris wines.

For English native readers, here’s a test — try saying Midalidare.  Then try again a few minutes later – challenging? The name could have been in Greek language, judging by my many failed attempts before getting it right.

Ivayla, from Midalidare estate, joined us for our meeting and gave the background. Located in Mogilovo village and just half an hour from Stara Zagora, it is owned and developed by Evgeniy Yussupov, a Russian businessman from Kazakhstan.

I’m told Yussupov is passionate about nature and good wine. His investment in the village of Mogilovo is continuing the wine tradition in a region where the making of wine goes back 300 BC. An ancient land where many Thracian artefacts have been discovered.

Sauvignon Blanc

Nicolay Katerov and Alexander Alexiev are the Midalidare consultant oenologists. Their experience of creating wines around the world seems to have paid off in the results. In particular, their work on New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc wines seems to have been put to good effect. They have created a fine tasting Bulgarian Sauvignon Blanc. Could it be one of the best of its type made in Bulgaria?

We tried the Midalidare Sauvignon Blanc 2010. The general consensus was that this Sauvignon kept the mineral quality of the terroir with a good but subtle dose of gooseberry freshness. It had none of the harsh raw “green” steel of many New Zealand examples.

Midalidare Silver Angel, Sauvignon 2010

Sauvignon Blanc

Midalidare Sauvignon Blanc

A wine estate that combines a passion for art (paintings adorn the rooms and sculptured are in the grounds) and design really appealed to me. So it was when taking a look at the website, midalidare.bg, was when I noticed another special edition bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, the Silver Angel.

The label shows en elegant ladies face. The bottle has a beautiful label that would delight anyone receiving this as a present. They would assume you have spent somewhat more than the very modest 12 lv that this wine costs. I am sure the 6,000 bottle production will not hang around for long.

The Sauvignon has a wonderful mineral backbone and a long lasting melon and lemon taste. A perfect  aperitif for a dinner party. I paired the Silver Angel with fresh sea bass. The fish was simply marinated in soy sauce, olive oil and was accompanied by a freshly made parsley pesto sauce. The wine had enough acidity to hold its own and compliment the fish.

Midalidare Grand Vintage Cabernet Franc 2009

winos, bulgaria

Winos members

We moved to the red wines starting with the Midalidare Grand Vintage Cabernet Franc (24 lv). This wine was in French oak barrels for ten months. This wine keeps the mineral quality of the terroir at the forefront. But opinion was divided on this one. At first the wine was a little closed. And I was on the point of agreeing with some others who expressed disappointment, but then, after ten minutes in the glass, the wine opened up.

I would recommend the Cabernet Franc. However, I must add that more subtle Bordeaux style wines are less common in Bulgaria, so I think had we properly decanted the wine, then its merits may have been appreciated by all of us at the start. The wine is priced at 24 lv – a fair price for a wine of this style and quality.

Midalidare Petit Village 2009

Midalidare Petit Village & Cabernet Franc

Another blended wine, and here the more upfront blackberry fruit shone through. The Petit Village 2009 (16lv) won over the Winos members with its blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdet. The verdict was unanimous in its conclusion. Excellent, and well priced, wine.

A follow up conversation

I spoke to Galina Noforu, the commercial and marketing director of Midalidare Estate, after our tasting. She specialised Wine Marketing & Management MBA in Bordeaux and shared her vision of this new estate. I was persuaded to plan a visit to this estate and stay in one of their rather fine rooms (€60 per night inc breakfast) and sample some fine cuisine from their chef. After checking out their web site, midaladare.com, I am looking forward to this trip soon. Readers looking to escape a mortgage uk and search for a cheap Bulgarian property could find their home whilst exploring the slopes of the Sredna Gora mountain.

Midalidare Bulgarian Wine

Oak barrel ageing at Midalidare Estate

Midalidare’s new twenty room hotel and spa will be open by Autumn 2012. From the quality of the wine, and the emphasis on good design, I think this venue will be a worthy addition to Bulgaria’s wine tourism map. This €6m investment in the hotel, spa and new winery will increase production from the current 100,000 bottles to 300,000 bottles per year.

What do you think? What are your favourite Bulgarian wines? Please share in the comments section below.

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  • Metro (Blagoevgrad and Sofia both best if buying for Bansko)
  • Picadilly  (in most Sofia shopping malls)
  • Fantastico  (widespread in Sofia, Dragalevtsi junction on Sofia ring road best for Bansko)
  • Hot House (two stores in Sofia)
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