Bansko Nomad Fest 2021: All you need to know

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Be sure to walk up Gotse Delchev pedestrianised street

From 28th June to 4th July Bansko hosts the Bansko Nomad Fest when 400 digital nomads come from a week of networking, talks and activities. And I’m honoured to be invited to be one of the 50 speakers over the 7 day event.

Coworking Bansko are the 7 day event organisers. They were the first Coworking business to be established in Bansko, by Matthias Zeitler and Uwe Allgauer, officially opened in December 2016. One of the pleasure of this blog is I get to reflect back to experiences in the past. In particular, the day in September 2016 when I had the pleasure to interview Matthias and his team at their first Coworking venue.

Click here for the full “Entrepreneurial Playground in the Mountains”, for the podcast and photos. See my vlog from then too:

My hopes for Bansko, as a destination for digital nomads, has been more than exceeded. This last year Bansko saw a solid number of remote workers, contractors, digital nomads gather in Bansko. All in covid times. More from Bulgaria but also plenty from Eastern Europe, UK and Ireland — in fact too many countries to mention.

I am biased, but I think this is the future of Bansko. It’s excellent value accommodation (e.g. €250 / month or buy for around €30,000) makes it an ideal place to establish your company, become a long term resident and integrate into a year round social scene.

Take a look at my vlog with Uwe, who joined me inn February to talk more about the benefits of Bansko for digital nomads:

This last ski season was epic and you’ll see some familiar faces in the last day of the ski season vlog.

Bansko Blog Private Transfers (book in Bansko App) or email us. Special offer: one way transfer for up to 2 persons: €56.

The week’s program of events includes activities such as hiking, rafting, mountain biking, speed dating, wine tours and of course the fabulous Bulgarian food. A wonderful experience lies ahead and I hope to at least meet as many of you as possible.

Food and drink tips

Bulgarian tomatoes: unmissable

Food: Be sure to eat loads of the pink tomatoes 🍅 which you’ll see in many of the salads including the favourite “shopska salad with tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers and white cheese.

Wine: local red grape varieties (Melnik, Mavrud, Gamza, Pamid and Rubin – do try Dragomir’s Rubin blends. For local white grapes go for Dymiat and the dry fresh honeyed Red Misket (yes, that is a white grape varietal).

Basi Kefa from Beer Bastards (now in cans)

Beer: Craft beer is available at Pirin 75 (75 Pirin Street). Try Basi Kefa –more on craft beer to buy in my review. Since then, I would recommend you visit the Sofia Electric Beer Company in Sofia. Phone them for a beer tasting.

Restaurants: For dry aged mature steak (and burgers) go to Tomahawk steak house. For great vegan and vegetarian options and a top selection of small local wine producers go to Oscar Wine Bar & Gastro (10 Pirin Street)

I am sure you’ll have an experience that touches upon all the senses, broadens the mind and inspires both business and personal development. I do know you, like so many before you, will be tempted to stay longer. Just like I did.

Excellent Value: If you’re attending the Nomad Fest, you need an excellent value private transfer, then use our Sofia – Bansko – Sofia transfers from just €56 (a car for up to two persons). In Bansko App or contact us here.

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PS: I am scheduled to speak on Saturday 3rd July and will dive into what I’ve learnt on my journey from first arriving in Bansko in 2005 to starting this blog in 2008, building a business, a start-up and a family.


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