An Entrepreneurial Playground In The Mountain: Coworking Bansko

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You want to work and play? You’re a digital nomad? You have a new idea? Then read on because Coworking Bansko is one of the most exciting things to happen for Bansko for a while.

I checked in on their temporary space on Toma Vishanov Street, 4 and sat down to speak to Matthias (co-founder) and Irina (full time executive) along with Cynthia. She’s a client using their space whilst I am typing this blog post.

Workspace + Interaction + Sharing = Coworking Bansko

We’re soon out to lunch which turns out to be a mixed meat guvech from the restaurant around the corner – tasty.  Plunging the mic towards my guests this turned out to be a nice and relaxed podcast.

Take a listen to get to know the Bansko Coworking team and why Coworking Bansko was the reason Cynthia came to Bansko:

CoWorking Bansko -- Cynthia (a client) and Irina

If you were in any doubt as to whether the concept of Coworking Bansko is anything more than a space to work, you won’t be after hearing my guests talk. Yes, it is a hub for anyone needing a venue to work in peace, with fast internet; but it’s also a place to expand your business possibilities by networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Matthias, Irina and Cynthia sum this up very well in this video I made in the office before we set out for lunch and recorded the podcast:



Their new offices will be in the Glazne / Tsar Simeon Street, The contract will be signed soon. Matthias and Uwe are moving the project ahead. Just a stone’s throw from the office is the new Gotse Delchev pedestrianised street (see photo below) — free of cars and the place I go to unwind and find some inspiration.

The street very close to the new coworking offices

Irina is bringing her extensive experience and local knowledge to the team. She’s a talented designer too. For example she designed their super new Coworking Bansko logo.


What Are You Passionate About?

Matthias Zeitler: Friday fun in the office

This was one of the questions I asked Matthias, Irina and Cynthia. I loved the answers. In many of the Bulgaria Now podcasts I enjoy trying to understand what turns people on. As always, the answers are interesting.

Matthias and I had met before and, once again, his passion for supporting entrepreneurship and for putting his new home of Bansko on the coworking world map is more than apparent in our conversation.


Developing local entrepreneurship

Work, Hike, Ski: Bansko Is Ready

What could be particularly good about Coworking Bansko is it is designed to encourage local people to use the space to develop their talents. Bulgaria needs to keep its people in the country to prevent the steep population decline and providing support for local people in coworking Bansko is a theme that I hope to be able to report back on sometime soon.

From my perspective, I will be using the Bansko Coworking space. Too much of my work is solitary, and I much prefer spending at least some of my work hours per week working alongside other people.

Work and Play in Bansko

If you enjoy bouncing ideas off others or simply want to feel like a Bansko insider, then I urge you to try Bansko’s first coworking space. It’s a huge gain for Bansko and is the all year round resource for Bansko that I am delighted to support its growth.


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