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Sea Bass

Sea Bass

I cannot help sharing with you my latest and definitely the best so far culinary experience in Bulgaria. And it was here in Bansko.

I went to the 3rd Premier Gastronomy Festival at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort. It’s an annual event and specialises in bringing famous chefs to Bansko. I’ve always enjoyed the food here so off I went to the Amvrosia restaurant to try something that was right up my street… Japanese food.

But last night’s dinner was a totally new level of cooking — by anybody’s standards.

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Japanese fusion

So the dinner theme on 7th November was Japanese cuisine by chef Chronis Damalas I knew nothing about him in advance so I was just eager to see his interpretation of Japanese fusion — especially because I’m a fan of Japanese food.
What followed totally surpassed any of my expectations.

It was a 6-course dinner paired with the new Boutique range of rose and white wines by Domaine Boyar.


Interesting start

Chicken wing onigiriyaki

First came the Chicken wing onigiriyaki. A bit of foodie drama with froth and the stock being poured into the bowl by the waiter.

It tasted of mild chicken with a hint of sweetness from the glaze.

Tarabagani two ways

Tarabagani two ways

I was up for the second starter – Tarabanagi two ways. When I tasted the sisho tempura roll I already knew we were up for something exceptional. I could eat this every day. The tartar with avocado with rice crackers added a fine contrast in the mouth.

Anticipation was built and the mains were yet to come.


Main course

Sea Bass

Sea Bass

The sea bass with chilli marmalade and coriander gel was of quality I know you can find only in the best Michelin star restaurants.

I now had to learn more of what’s behind! I spoke to the manager for more details and here came the key – the young chef had worked for Nobu New York and is executive chef of two top restaurants in Athens.

He had strict requirements for only the best ingredients that had to come fresh on the same day. So the sea bass was caught in Greece the day before. That explained a lot.

Umami -- kobe beef, shitake, tosazu, black garlic, pickled sansho

I could not wait for the second main. And I was not disappointed. The Umami – a wonderful tender kobe veal steak with asparagus, black garlic and pickled sansho was something I know I cannot normally find in Bulgaria — let alone Bansko.

Exquisite taste, a mixture of flavours complementing each other and soft meat melting in your mouth.


None of us lucky enough to be here wanted this gastronomic experience to end. The combination with the Domain Boyar rose wine was exquisite. As not only was the beef the best had I tasted so was this fine rose wine.


A sweet end

Macha panna cotta


Then came the two puddings and they really were the icing on the cake. Macha — a panna cotta with lemon, passion fruit and tapioca. It had very little to do with the popular panna cotta that I don’t like. A light fresh flavour that left little room for the last course.

But I’m glad I managed to have it.

A chestnut mash with spiced crumble, warm apples and Japanese whiskey was the amazing end to this dinner I will remember for a long time.

Chestnut pudding with ice cream

I don’t  think I can have a similar experience in Bulgaria unless chef Damalas comes again. Which I personally asked him to do during the ski season. Fingers crossed he does and you will be the first to hear.
And I will definitely be there.

Chef Damalas and me

Full credit to the organisers for their passion and efforts to take the Bansko food scene to another level.
You still have the chance to experience something special at the Gastronomy festival which is going on till the end of November. Here’s the schedule of upcoming events events:


Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

+359 74 950 500


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