Does Bansko Have A Curry Or Indian Restaurant?

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A dedicated Indian restaurant to satisfy Bansko curry cravings does not yet exist. No worries. Avalon hotel does have curry nights most weeks. But should you get a “curry-on” at any time – your problem is now solved.

Just follow Lance’s Christmas Curry recipe and your Indian food desires will be satisfied. Click on play for the audio version with full cooking and recipe details:

Well give it a go. Its really simple and nothing needs accurate measuring.

After a day out on the snow what could be more enjoyable than a curry? A good curry tastes like heaven after a hard day’s boarding or skiing.

Please comment if you can help me on Indian spices and herbs being sourced in Sofia, Blagoevgrad or even Bansko. In the meantime you will need to bring over some of the spices from home.

You may well save some cash too but this recipe is for taste, not economy.

For Lance’s Bansko Curry you need:

1 x onion
1 x leek
fresh ginger
2 x garlic
chillies (to taste) more the better of course. chilli powder
coriander seed (best to grind your own with pestle and mortar – but whatever)
garam masala (if possible but not essential)
cumin Seed (fairly essential)
black pepper
tomato puree

vegetable stock
1 x lemon

chicken / meat / fish / prawns
vegetables: leek, peas, courgettes


Take your finely chopped 1 x onion
1 x chopped leek
fresh root ginger (powder sold in Bansko supermarket)
2 x garlic
chillies (to taste) more the better of course and/or chili powder

then cook this lot very slowly in big wok or pot for 20 mins

add chicken/ beef/lamb/pork or just vegetables

if you have some Kaffir Lime leaves add them. Add lemon grass if you have. Neither essential.

ADD Spices as follows:

Coriander seed (best to grind your own with pestle and mortar – but whatever)
Garam Masala (if possible but not essential)
Cumin Seed (fairly essential)
Black Pepper

Add vegetable stock (500ml enough for 4 people)
a little tomato puree (not essential)
add 2 teaspoons of sugar

if you like a “one pot curry” add favourite vegetables (any.. okra, leeks, courgettes, peas, broccoli)

put lid on pot.

Cook very slowly for an hour for chicken on bone (40 minutes if not on bone). 1 hour plus hours for lamb/beef.

at end of cooking add more vegetables mushrooms (15 minutes) and spinach (5 minutes)

Add coconut milk if you have it. A little Thai Fish Sauce is also good.

Serve with basmati rice and yogurt with cucumber and, if possible, mint.. best to make this whilst the curry is cooking. The yogurt thickens up the thin sauce.

Just before serving add a lot of fresh coriander. Squeeze lemon juice in the pot.

Serve with a few coriander leaves, Mrs Balls chutney, your yogurt mix and accompany with a cool beer….

variations: add (Puy) Lentils for a lush lentil curry.

Make separate vegetable curry. add small new potatoes.

Make a large batch then freeze as its even better the next day or out of the freezer.

What do you think? Please comment with your recipe. If you enjoyed this article, and would like to receive my Bulgarian kebabche recipe which I guarantee tastes better than the local version, then simply register for regular emails. You’ll also receive the new guide to the little known ways of getting the best out of Bansko.

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