Elevation 2011: A Different Perspective

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Elevatio Festival 2011

Elevation 2011: Highs & Lows

The Elevation Festival has had its fair amount of controversy reported in the Sofia Echo. Ticket sales were lower than expected, Jamiroquai cancelled his performance and very high winds cancelled Sunday’s performances. The event highlighted that, when it comes to weather, you always need a plan B.

The location was very accessible between Bansko and Razlog; but the one downside were the strong winds. We get them quite regularly in the Razlog valley. However, my view is that it was a tremendous achievement and I applaud the organisers for making it happen. Next year will be even better.


But, for me it was the inspired choice of Morcheeba. They are currently my favourite chill out act with the best new album of this year, Blood Like Lemonade. Worthy of being a headline act. My plea is to have them again for the 2012 Elevation Festival.

Paragliding Acro Action: Elevation From The Air

However much I like skiing, it’s paragliding that I try and practice in the summer months. So today’s video is from Veso Ovcharov. Shot using the now ubiquitous, and essential video making tool of the go pro hero HD camera. The video shows what is known as “D Bagging”. Veso, the pilot, goes up in a tandem paragliding trike, jumps from what looks like around 1,300 metres above the festival grounds. His paraglider slips quickly out of the bag. He then immediately goes into a connected, and perfectly executed, series of tumble loop the loops.

The views of the Elevation festival grounds and the sun slipping behind the Pirin mountains are superb. Veso lands just adjacent to the festival. Listen out for Morcheeba playing one of their classic songs, Blindfold from their album, The Big Calm. A class act. Here is the same moment recorded on video from someone close to the stage at the festival:

Bansko Tourism: What Is The The Future?

Events are key to bringing more people year round to Bansko. A more joined up approach needs to be taken to promoting tourism. I have been taking a look at other regions from crete holidays, to even other small countries such as Macedonia and Serbia. My conclusion that the paltry 2 million euros supposedly spent by the Bulgarian government this year, is not effective in driving tourism forward in a sustainable fashion.

The potential for more is there, but I think we are still a long way off seeing it being anywhere close to being realised. In the meantime I’m looking forward to a bigger and better Elevation 2012, the Jazz Festival from 6th to 13th August 2011, the Opera Festival and Film Festival. For 2012 we see both the Woman’s and Men’s FIS Ski World Cup events in Bansko. A testatment to this year’s huge success of the Men’s FIS Slalom Event.


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