A Dream Bansko World Cup Ski Day

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The Bansko World Cup action is over and I had one of the best ski weekends ever here in Bansko. The World Cup Skiing organisation in Bansko was almost faultless. The attention to detail was staggering. In a country which often sees only 80% of the job ever done; a place where I used to wonder if anyone could organise a piss up in brewery. I felt Bansko had a lot to prove in hosting the FIS Audi World Cup Men’s Slalom and Super G round; and they delivered.

Whilst I have to confess to a few press pass concessions, I went out to experience the weekend like most other people here for either holidays or for the world cup event. Sitting with friends in the main stadium most of the time, the action was and coverage was just right. A relaxed approach was taken by most — soaking up of both the event and the sunshine. Some own skiing action seemed to be enhanced by watching the pros show how it should be done.

Ski And Party

Saturday I focused on watching the racing and the lunchtime entertainments. Sunday I was up early with friends to get some superb piste skiing on the corduroy pistes. On just one occasion I witnessed rocks coming through — but generally it was excellent skiing in the clear skies. The sponsors worked hard, most noticeably Milka with tons of free chocolate and Carlsberg — a free beer on the ice bar.

The giant beer bottle ice sculpture made for a predictable photographic prop for us, and many others. Saturday morning saw snow flurries, clearing to plenty of sunshine later om. Sunday was perfect warm sunshine. I can barely resist asking dear readers to go back and check out my lucky Bansko prediction on previous posts.

The bands and girls dancing were all top and made sure a few videos could be spiced up with some fine Bulgarian eye candy. Most of all was that they were genuinely enjoying performing.

Kempinsky Organisation

I was lucky enough to catch up with Tim at the Kempinsky over tea on Friday and he outlined the preparation entailed for these events. More on this another day. But the results of the World Cup Skiing were impressive… non plus ultra designer seating and amazing setting in the VIP section for the prime minister and similar. But my main find in the food an beverage department at the morning bar was a new and absolutely quaffable Quantum wine from Domaine Boyar. This white Chardonnay of the range is to be recommended and widely available.

Snow And Weather Forecast

It is cold, so the snow cover will largely be preserved and topped up by artificial snow from the cannons Tuesday. More snow Wednesday and Thursday will make for an excellent skiing and boarding weekend. It will be busy. This is a long weekend in Bulgaria and many more people from Sofia will be making there way to Bansko.

Get up early to avoid be sure of avoiding queues. If the many busses that were made available to ferry us up for the World Cup are utilised, I think matters could be more controlled than last year at peak periods. Your reports on lift queues are welcome – and tips on avoiding them are welcome too.

Photo Gallery: All Pictures Taken 26th & 27th February 2011

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