Jamiroquai headline at Elevation Music Festival

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Jamiroquai festival

The Elevation Music Festival is to have a major new international band added to its billing. Jamiroquai has been confirmed as one of the live acts. Jamiroquai has only just been confirmed as being a headline act at the event, an event that looks set to be huge hit.

The Elevation Music Festival is being held in Razlog, near the winter mountain resort of Bansko. Whilst Bansko is now a well known ski and snowboard destination, the Razlog valley it sits in, is not a place Jamiroquai followers would expect to find as a top destination for music revellers.

After the ski season finished many people believe that Bansko finishes for the season and does not reopen until later in the year, but this is not the case as jsut last year we saw the annual Jazz Festival, Film Festival and Opera Festivals all being held in Bansko. This year sees the Elevation Music Festival come to Razlog between Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June.

The Elevation Music Festival already promised so much with the acts they had playing. Top acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Stereo MC’s, Dog Eat Dog and Gentleman — to name a few. Now it has been confirmed by bTV, that the huge British act Jamiroquai has been added to the list of acts. This addition will truly ensure a great number of people descend on Razlog and Bansko over the summer month of June, bringing a party atmosphere to this beautiful mountainous resort.

Currently, the prices for the Elevation Music Festival are heavily discounted with 20% of the price, this price can’t last for long though — so the prices could change. On Monday a new act may be announced, and this could see the end of the discount. I would buy tickets today,: https://www.eventim.bg/portal/bg/concerts/rok_pop/elevation_2011/91037/

Current prices for the festival are:

Category 1: 2 day ticket – 96 Leva
Category 2: Family ticket of an adult and child – 180 Leva
Category 3: Family ticket of an adult and two child – 250 Leva
Category 2: Family ticket of two adults and two children – 340 Leva

Jamiroquai are known as a British jazz funk band who may would know through their flambouyant lead singer Jay Kay, and the interesting head gear he tends to wear. For those that love their music, the addition of Jamiroquai at the Elevation Music Festival is something not the be missed. Join me, and thousands others, as we head down to Razlog and Bansko in June to enjoy the party!

So over to Michael Green for the Razlog Song: [audio: https://www.fileden.com/files/2008/11/28/2203699/01%20Razlog.mp3]

Stay tuned for more news on Elevation very soon.

Tips Of The Day

  • If you are into single guy travel, then this festival promises to be one of the best places to be this early early Summer. With Blagoevgrad university, with its seven girls to one guy ratio,  just 30 minutes away there’s as much chance as I can think of you enjoying much more than just the music.
  • Be sure to take advantage of 20% discount on ski/board hire and lessons.
  • EasyJet flights now on sale for January and February 2012. Super cheap, buy now.


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