Bansko Events: Summer 2019

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Bansko Events: Summer & Autumn 2019

For summer 2019 there is probably more going on than ever before that I can remember. However, as I always say there is more to Bulgaria than just Bansko, so I recommend you take a trip to Plovdiv, Sofia, the Bear Park, Melnik and much more — click here for the Plovdiv tour and scroll down the articles for all the activities and tours. Contact us for top value private transfers from €56 total one way from Sofia to Bansko and car hire, either from Bansko or from Sofia Airport.


Coca Cola The Voice Happy Energy Tour

Coca Cola Happy Energy Tour: Bansko June 7th 2019

This high energy show is a first for Bansko. Expect scantily clad ladies singing pretty awful pop songs. But, hey, after a few drinks it will probably be entertaining enough. More info


The One Love Hip Hop Tour 

I am awaiting more details on this event on 20th July. Check out


The Bansko International Jazz Fest

It’s a few days shorter this year. I love the Jazz Fest event (from 6th to 10th August 2019) but I would prefer the music genre to cross over to blues as well as jazz. Blues widens the scope of music into a wider cross section of the population, including me.

Bear in mind that this week is my least favourite time to hike. There are more people on the mountain so that means an early start is recommended. Forget about trying to park up at Vihrin hut unless you are super early in the morning. Not sure how that blends with the late nights of the Jazz fest performances!


The Opera Fest

The Bansko Opera Fest is probably my favourite fest. But bear in mind I like opera and I dislike most loud pop music. The opera fest from 22nd to 24th August 2019. But first up is the Coca Cola The Voice happy energy tour on the 7th June 2019.

Bansko summer 2019 events are here. There’s one thing everyone can agree upon, is that Bansko is looking much better than just five years ago when, quite frankly, it was a mess. Many areas have been tidied up; from parks, free areas, Gotse Delchev and to the river project and to the general range of things to do.


Tip of the day

Book your winter flights — some really good prices. If you would like more variation to your holidays then think about combining your Bansko trip to Thessaloniki — a wonderful city especially if you love great food.


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