Restaurants and bars; what’s new for the season?

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Penguins (the old Friendly Pub) Bigger with fresh new design for 2012/13 ski season. Open again fo

Which Bansko restaurants and bars do you recommend? This is one of the most often frequently asked questions I receive both online and in resort.

And this year, more than ever, it’s good to kick off a Bansko stay knowing what is new and where the places are located.

So read on for the a bang up to date reviews of the Bansko restaurants and bars. This list has grown as I have been out trying places. Every year is a new year and things change. There is more choices and variety this year and there are places catering for a range of budgets and tastes.

Best of all, there are places that offer real gastronomic pleasure for that special anniversary or celebration. Nothing beats eating in a ski resort when you’re hungry. So read on for what’s new and where to go…

UPDATED for ski season 2013/14 … article still valid — note places coming soon but all these places were good in 2012/13.


Chateau Antique

A new restaurant. For my full review, click here. One of the best places to start up in Bansko for some time. Evgeny Ganchev, Lord Of The Chefs (TV Cookery programme) participant has come with is staff from Sofia (Lazy restaurant, by the gondola lift in Sofia).

Don’t be fooled by the ground floor, which may look empty. There is a wonderful second floor dining room. UPDATE: Chateau Antique proved to be popular and reliable all last season. Recommended.


1 Angel Kanchev Street.

Tel: +359(0)749 585 00


JJ Murphy’s

A long time favourite, JJ Murphy’s is very, well, Irish. For this season, a new manager. Michael Gibson takes the helm. A genuine Irishman, and with a life time of working and managing bars I think we will see JJ Murphy’s adding to the Bansko bar scene. It’s also good to see yet another bar in Bansko selling English beer and cider, from,

I’m looking forward to taking a closer look when JJ Murphy’s opens its doors next week. Located near the popular Lion hotel, it’s worth the ten minute walk from the gondola to find this. It’s not new, but new management makes this one to watch. NOW CLOSED, not expected to open any time soon.


The Irish Harp

Bansko restaurants and bars

The Irish Harp, Bansko. Biggest whiskey range in Bansko. Allround value and quality.

A brand new addition to the Bansko restaurant and bar scene. Brian and the crew at the Irish Harp have stormed onto the Bansko pub scene and quickly extablished the Irish Harp as one of the places to try. I like this place, a lot.

My first visit I had a fine pork steak with mash. Lightly seasoned, succulent served with great mash and a fresh salad.

Irish Harp: Value for money dishes and an authentic Irish Bansko craic

But the relatively, and pleasingly short menu, features real Irish beef for steaks and stew. Puddings look tempting too. Only another meeting dragged me out of this place. So will be back trying more dishes and a full review soon.

Did I mention the excellent service and a friendly welcome? Impossible to not to be impressed.

Draft beers include Guinness, Kilkenny. Bulgarian beer on draft too. Especially impressive are more whiskey brands than anywhere else in Bansko. It’s a place that once you’ve been once you’ll be looking forward to returning again soon.

Call them on +359 89 995 6667 and they will arrange a pick up and return.


Amvrosia restaurant at the Premier Luxury Mountain Resort

I had the great pleasure to attend the Gastronomy festival, and whilst this special event was hugely enjoyable, I have not yet tasted a regular evening meal here. Which is a shame, as the Amvrosia dining room is one of the finest in Bansko.

UPDATE: Simply amazing. Amvrosia is the gastronomic beacon in Bansko. Click here for my full Amvrosia restaurant review.

But I can say that, without exception, service standards are amongst the best to be found in Bansko. And that includes a welcoming smile. Oh yes, how a smile makes all the difference (check out The Essential Gide to Bansko for Bulgaria’s cultural differences).

One of the best designed web sites with an extensive gallery of pictures to show off this fine dining room.

If you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate, then Amvrosia would make an excellent choice. For my full review click here.



UPDATE:  Looking like closed — check before going. UPDATE COMING SOON.

It took me a while to make the two minute walk across the river from the gondola lift station to sample Chepishev.

This was a shame as Chepishev is a real gem. A roaring log fire combines with the pleasingly contemporary  interior design. It all makes this for a place for all occasions. The imaginative starters such as the hot ceasar salad and the cousous salads are a must try. The best I’ve tried anywhere. Vegetarians should flock here.

However meat eaters are well catered for. Was this the best T bone steak I’ve tried in Bansko? Yes, I think so. Cooked genuinely rare this meat treat was succulent and tasty.

Congratulations should go to Nelli on front of house for lifting Chepishev to a venue we must all try at least one in our weeks ski holiday.


Dragons Den Celtic Tavern, at Valentina Heights Hotel

Breakfast and Sunday lunch at Dragon's Den Celtic Tavern

Cristian and Adam  understand what people want and, having tried the “Dragon’s fire chicken” night, I can recommend you this place a try.

A warm and comforting pub atmosphere, and low prices, makes The Dragon’s Den Celtic Tavern a regular place to go when super hungry. Breakfasts come recommended too. Their 2012/13 season meal specials are worth of special mention:

1. Tuesday:  JACUZZI & POOL PARTY with DINNER , 29 lv. Choice of Chicken in mushroom sauce or Pork in pepper sauce served with french fries;Salad Shopska, Ice-cream sundae; 3 drinks Champagne cocktails or your selected drink choice ; Pool and jacuzzi party before or after dinner,  from 7 pm to 12 midnight
2. Wednesday: BARBARIAN NIGHT, Eat as much as you like, 7-9 pm; Bulgarian traditional food with “Sudjuk “ sausages, “Chiufte” meatballs, “Sach” a mixed meats and vegetables on a hot plate and “Ciomlek” a traditional stew with meat , potatoes, tomato sauce and mountain spices all with  “Parlinka”  bread, salad, fries and a shot of Rakya; 19.50 lv

3. Thursday; “DRAGON’S FIRE CHICKEN” Spicy evening; Half chicken oven roast with salad, fries and glass red wine at 15 lv; Add Spicy Mexican wings in “El Taco” sauce or Dragon pizza with bacon & chicken meat, all for 19.50 lv. Hot sauces competition at 9 pm,  “Baby”  “Mama” and “The Daddy Dragon”, win an Organic British Ale or Cider of your choice.

4. Sunday BRUNCH
Full English Breakfast 400 g; Served with tea or coffee; 12 lv;

PLUS Sunday golden chicken roast, 300 g at 9.50 lv Or Golden chicken roast, 400 g with two chicken slices, boiled potatoes, carrots, broccoli or other green vegetable, home made gravy; Served with two home made Yorkshire pudding; Plate of Bread and butter pudding desert or Ice-cream sundae; Served with choice of glass of wine or beer; 17 lv;

Book your table in advance at +359 (0) 896 818 559, or by mail: Located two streets down the hill from Guinness Hotel or just above Mountain Paradise 1 and 2.


Victoria restaurant

Victoria is located on Pirin Street opposite the Kempinski Grand Arena. I wrote about this branch of this small Sofia chain a while back (click here for my review of my top 12 Bansko places) and the immediate success of Victoria has continued. Indeed, its popularity has never waned.

Victoria, being open all year, is convenient and reliable. But this year has seen some frantic last minute building.

The revamped entrance is one thing to see… but it’s the construction of a dining area annex that I was interested in. This new area opens up on to the side terrace. Large glass doors here will make Victoria a fine place to soak up some rays on those sunny Bansko days.

I really like the job they have done here. It harks back to the Swiss mountain chalet feel – a touch of Verbier style. There’s plenty of wood and stone and a deer antlers “chandelier”. A warming corner fireplace. We were there on when there was a large gathering of where the tables are joined together.

The new “handmade” pizzas, with the option of real mozzarella are a reliable fall back option good. The pork with mash potato and mushroom sauce was passable. Vegetarians are not forgotten; the vegetarian options included stuffed peppers. These were part of the special pre Christmas Advent (no meat) menu.

A very nice touch.

The wine selection has been totally changed, for the better. It includes a selection of wines from the fabulous Light Castle and Middaledare estates. Mark ups are fair. I only wish more places, including Victoria, would offer half bottles.

Whilst fab Midalidare Grand Cuve is no longer on the list, which for me was the best wine of last season, we are now witnessing a selection of the well balanced Light Castle wines.


Service with a smile

Victoria deserves a lot of the credit of introducing a smile, instead of a sneer to guests. I was expecting to be disappointed with the departure of Svetlana, the manager who did so much to make guests feel welcome.

But I should not have feared, all the staff, both old and new, was attentive.

+ points

Service, wide menu, nice décor, unobtrusive music

– points

A draught in the annex. Our window seat could not be recommended for cold nights. Cold air comes through the cracks. Pick the table by the fire if you ar ein the new annex. The handmade pizzas are the best in Bansko — make sure you ask for your pizza with real mozzarella (costs extra).

An over long menu. Choose carefully.


Sushi and Teppanyaki Bar & Grill, Kempinski

There is a new third Teppanyaki table in the Kempinski. Those who have not had Japanese style teppanyaki will enjoy the tables at the Kempinski.

Teppanyaki involves a skilled chef cooking, and often performing, in front of where you sit. As knives twist and turn, prepare to clap at some of the cooking tricks performed before your eyes.

Grilled fish, shellfish, meats, rice and noodle dishes are assembled with great skill. This is a quality experience in fine surroundings, and makes a fine upscale evening. For full review of sushi and teppanyaki places in Bansko, click here.

The Sing Sing piano bar next door is one of my favourite nightclubs in Bansko. Prices reflect the upscale setting.


Kempinski Lobby bar

This lobby bar has to be mentioned. I never recommend places I do not enjoy – but please bear in mind some of the places discussed sponsor Bansko Blog. It’s here in the Lobby bar I can relax, the music is unobtrusive and the range of tea here is wonderful.

On my last visit, the Darjeeling tea came in a pot kept warm with the flame of a candle.


Kempinski Come Prima

One of the best steaks I have had in Bansko. The wine list is excellent but some prices are a little over inflated. Pasta is served al dente – the way it should be.

Bring the plastic or a good amount of leva if you like wine — and if you like wine and steak you will need around 110 lv per head.



If you walk down to the lights form the Kempinski and turn left you will see the popular sign of Euphoria. This has undergone some reworking of the oval bar area. This small change seem to have made Euphoria a nicer place to be.

Euphoria Bansko

Euphoria Bar & Grill, December 2013

A long menu, with pictures, has been winning praise from some friends. Be warned that the music can be loud here. On the plus side, the DJ is excellent thi s year. The sound system is rather good too.

We wait to see what the live band will be like when they start their regular performances. Service from both the bar staff and the waiting staff has been friendly and attentive on my regular visits here since they opened for the season.

Like Penguins, and Lions Pub, the owner of all these three places has kept Euphoria a “Free House” and therefore these bar can serve beer from breweries other than the big multinationals (e.g. Carlsberg etc) that dominate the Bulgarian beer scene.

Surveying the bar area I see a good selection of beers including English beer Fuller’s London Pride, Wychwood’s Hobgoblin and real English cider (all supplied by With Bulgarian beer quality following a similar decline that was witnessed in Britain in the early 70’s (i.e. reduce money on quality of product increase the budget for marketing); this makes a nice dive to quality.

The upper terrace is my favourite après ski sun deck in Bansko town. Lots of people watching to be had. Frankly, it’s hard to justify moving from here once seated. Especially when tired after coming off the hill. (NOTE: Euphoria is open in winter ski season only).

The large projector screen has all the football as well as some splendid winter ski and boarding videos.

The numerous large screen TV’s mean none of the Sky sporting action need be missed.


Penguins Bar & Diner

Penguins is located 100 metres across the lights. Regulars will see it is the old Friendly pub, but completely extended and renovated.

The style is a little New England and with colourful light shades. It’s is pleasingly different.

A nice bar area sees a good selection of beers including English beer from Fuller’s London Pride, Wychwood’s Hobgoblin and real English cider (all supplied by

Service was good in my last visit, which was for a beer and some nachos. A regular house band is scheduled to perform most nights.


Queen’s Pub

A huge new sign adorns the entrance and what looks like an outdoor grill area.

With some competitive prices, a live band every night and resident magician the Queen’s pub is set to be popular choice.

At the moment, the music can be heard everywhere, so have this is mind if you want a quiet conversation.

At the time of writing I have not tried the food . Have you been? Then please comment below. The 100 lv New Year party looks like excellent value as it includes all food, drink and entertainment.


Bistro Pirin

Opposite the ice skating rink, this has become a firm favourite of mine for good local pricing and reliable simple local dishes.

The roaring log fire makes this a top après ski destination on a cold early evening.


The Fat Red Duck Chinese Restaurant

CLOSED A new venue, located just before Pirin 75. Chinese food and Bulgaria style can be good. Early reports are promising. But we’ll see. Your reports please.


The Lions Pub

For many regular Bansko visitors the Lions Pub is the original. Located on the corner of Glazne street and Pirin Street, opposite Pirin 75 it is very easy to find. Whilst its Sky TV is an attraction in its own right, I have always been rather reluctant to go there.

But this was in the days pre June 1st 2012.

This was a time when many of Bulgaria’s bars resembled one huge smoke fest.

Lions Pub has been transformed. A new lick of paint, and the no smoking clean air space will is much better for this season. The efficient bar staff put the Lions as a reliable spot to both start, and end, an evening.

It’s open at 08:00.

Lions is my favourite place to go for an early full English breakfast and stays open till the early hours. A DJ will often build up a good buzz and a merry crowd will be dancing in the lower bar area on many a night.

Food is not been mentioned simply because I have not tried an evening meal here. Recent reports have been favourable – but please comment below if you have anything to say.

Come around 10:00 and DJ Shark (in the top 5 DJ’s in Bulgaria) gets cranks it up and many wil be dancing. A good atmosphere, great music. Try it!


Pirin 75 — NOW OPEN (late August through the ski season)

Since last winter, this Bansko expatriate favourite has received a very nice refit and expansion.

There is a buzzy vibe here I like and, for this season, Yanis, the Greek owner has taken care of the small details that make for a really pleasant bar.

Service is always friendly and prices are competitive for the area. Pirin 75 still has the best coffee in town. Their frappe is my summer favourite.

Pirin 75 serves its purpose well as a daytime café, but I think gets even better as an after dinner drinking and meeting spot. The DJ plays tunes you’ll know, and probably love. The “tracks of my years” music will most ages catered for with the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s well represented.

For a late night in a convenient location, Pirin 75 comes recommended.


Karaoke Bar at the Ivel Hotel

Early reports are very promising. The Karaoke bar offers a fun evening after dinner and I think enhances a good Bansko night out.

Nick, along with a few friends and family is now running the bar. I have spent many very enjoyaboe late evenings here when under previous ownership and am looking forward to giving it a try. Although you may be advised to block your ears for my efforts.

It’s located close to Pirin 75, see above.


How to find the bars and restaurants of Bansko

All of the above restaurant and bars may be found in the Bansko app. Free to download for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

By clicking on the places/bars and restaurants button you will see both an interactive map and listing. Clicking on a pin on the map will give you more detail including booking. In resort the pin marks your exact location… see below.


Finding WiFi

Bulgaria is in the top three most connected places in the whole of Europe. Free WiFi is normal and all the mentioned bars have wifi. It’s not always reliable in Bansko, but its generally pretty fast.

In the resort, the app indicates your location by a Green pin. This helps app users navigate around the town. Key places such as the gondola lift, pharmacies and ATM’s are also marked. The app uses  technology from my partners at Bulgaria’s leading online restaurant website,

Once in Bansko resort, or even from your transfer driver if you book via Bansko Blog, you will receive a free town and piste map. Drawn by hand. Or you can go to the previous link and download, and print, your own free copy.


Tips of the day

Discounted ski packages for arrivals from the 27th to 3rd January must be booked and paid for by Saturday 22nd December. Free page per month Bansko 2013 calendar for all bookings.

The snow is amazing. Fantastic powder skiing this weekend.

update your Bansko app for the best experience…

iOS (Apple) version 1.2.4 has the Bulgarian public holidays in the Bansko 2013 calendar. Click on the gallery section. Accept push notifications for snow, weather and events alerts.

Android 1.0.8 app has bug fixes. It’s quicker and smoother.  Please report any issues. (web cam service interuptions known).


Bars and Restaurants

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25 Responses to “Restaurants and bars; what’s new for the season?”

  1. Michael says:

    Was last year in Bansko and spent all the evenings at Victoria.
    Best food in Bansko.

    Really sucks that in most places in Bansko smoking is allowed inside :/

    • Lance says:

      Hi Michael, Glad you enjoyed Victoria… more reports required on all places. Since 1st June there is no smoking in Bulgaria, rules the same as everywhere else. The change has transformed Bulgaria for me. Before I would avoid going to many places as you cam back stinking… now its a much better place. Even a number of smokers are now happy.

  2. Rich says:

    Hi Lance

    Bit of advice needed! I’m heading out to Bankso in late March, as a single traveller, Apart from getting in on some group lessons, is there anywhere you can recommend to meet English speaking people so i’m not stuck in my hotel room most evenings on my own, i’ve no problem boarding on my own, it’s just be nice to be able to meet some folk while out there!

    Love the blog, I’m doing my best to prepare for the holiday, I’ve traveled to Switzerland on my own before so i know on the whole what to expect…



    • Lance says:

      Hi Rich,

      You’ll find plenty of English speaking people, including many of he Bulgarians. In fact I would say its easier than many French mountain resorts. If you get stuck, and are really desperate, I would be happy to meet up. Be sure to download the app iphone and android). The latest version has push notifications and we will be using this to arrange some informal gatherings.

      Of, and thank you for reading. Appreciate it.

  3. chris says:

    love the site and been to bansko twice already and coming back in january its great but i always have problems watching the webcam at the gondola queue it never seems to work properly is there an issue here?

  4. flemming says:

    i am staying at the kempinski in february 2013, they have told me i can easily arrange ski/boots hire when I arrive, do you think it is better to book in advance ??

    • Lance says:

      Hi Flemming, Yes there is a great 15% saving by booking here forst. It also helps me deliver all the free info for readers. This includes the site, the Q cam and the App. You save and great service and equipment too.

  5. Spyros says:

    Hello to all,
    Just returned from Xmas Vacations with my family (2 children).
    We were lucky because during the week of our holidays (23-28/12) there was a lot of snow but not so much to be a problem to us. We choose Lucky Bansko Hotel, which was a very good choice, especially for the kids, as it is kids friendly and has a lot of things for them to do. All the days but Xmas, we had dinner at the Queen’s Pub. Nice place, clean with variety of food in good prices. Already thinking to be back for 2013 Xmas…

  6. m.thilthorpe says:

    Hi reading your description of Victoria’s surprises me as we ate here twice two years ago and found the food terrible, we were reconmended the restaurant and could not see what all the fuss was about, for italian food not good i’m afraid when we asked for olives the waitress returned with a dinner plate full of olives which had come straight out of a can and very salty, lasagne a very poor attempt, maybe it’s got better. Lions bar as pubs go is very good lively – good pub food not restaurant though, good for watching sports etc etc with regards the new chinese the fat red duck is this the one by the ski lift as it has a very strange take on chinese food i even spoke to the chef as the manager said he was chinese- he is not and although the food is not bad i believe it’s over priced and not genuine as most dishes tasted the same, i eat in china town in the UK alot and have never tasted that region of food, i am in Bansko in two days time and will try JJ’s and Chateau as they sound pretty good.

    • Lance says:

      Hi Marcus,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Have in mind Victoria is a pizza chain and not a gourmet restaurant. The handmade pizzas ordered with real mozzarella are better than ever. Other dishes can be variable.

      As for the Chinese, the is a new one (not Euphoria which has a huge selection including Chinese). I have not been there and I suspect it too is not real Chinese. I m allergic to MSG, so will probably not try it and let other people comment. Most comments have been favourable… but you decide. Lions has a new menu, as does Queens pub, Soprano’s (Happy End) is excellent too. JJ’s does not do food, but please try Amvrosia and Chateau Antique. Oh and O forgot the fabulous Teppanyaki bar and grill at he Kempinski. Be sure to book as it’s really popular.

  7. sandhia says:


    we are going out for the first time in Feb,staying at the kempinski.
    Any suggestions on best places to eat for veggies as some in group and where to eat on ski slopes1

    • Lance says:

      Hi Sandhia,

      Be sure to subscribe for your free guide 71 page eBook ‘The Essential Guide to Bansko” it coves places in the mountain.. and you’ll see all my favourite places location marked in the Bansko App… for iOS and Android . Vegetarians are actually now well catered for . Harder for vegans (without cheese)… Chateau Antique has a superb vegetable risotto and spinach and walnut ravioli. Bob (bean) soup and melted cheese and potatoes in all forms are everywhere. I eat a lot of vegetarian and am now very happy that Bansko is probably better than many other places now.

      Any more suggestions from reader are welcome here.

  8. John says:

    Don’t bother with the Fat Red Duck chinese, absolutly awful, hardly any meat in the dishes and very poor service!

    Going to try Chateau Antique next.

  9. fotis says:

    hello to everyone
    as i am a regular to bansko driving from greece almost every weekend i have to say to all uk charter travelers that this is is not a destination for good dinning and definately not cheap as prices have climbed up to 50% during the last 3 years….so prefer to book an apartement with kitchen and shop from the big supermarket in the center easy to prepair food, spaggeti etc..because otherwise you will pay for food as much as the whole vacation…
    Especialy avoid consuming ANYTHING from the cafes on the slops as the prices there remind me the alps and the quality is terrible…prepair a backbag with food and water and you ll be fine

    • Lance says:

      Hi Foris,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Not sure who are uk charter travelers but if you have bought anything in Greece recently, as I have, then I am sure you will agree that 2Bansko dining excellent value in comparison. Even a coffee up the mountain at 7 lv, €3.50 is not so much compared to most Greek cities. Food in the regular mountain cafes is generally poor, I agree A beer at Peshterite (on the ski road) is 2 lv (€1 approx). A good meal in town is still good value. Sure, prices have gone up — as all food prices have but the quality is higher and, fo a ski resort, I think offers exceptional value for money. Anyone else have a view?

  10. Jay Watcham says:

    We have been coming to Bansko since 2008 and have seen the resort grow. When we first came it was around 3lv to the £1 so offered even better value for money.

    The top section near the gondola station changes every year and the addition of the large supermarket has really helped us out as we like to take a backpack up and get supplies in. Gone are the days of traipsing down to the supermarket right down town!!!

    We’ve noticed the quality of food in the restaurants and mehanas varies still, but on the whole has improved – follow the advice on here and you can’t go wrong.

    You can still get a great tasting meal and a few drinks for two for around £15 which is fantastic value.

    Lift pass prices and lack of that much needed second gondola is still my biggest annoyance of Bansko and with long queues forming from around 08:15 now, it does make me think “how can they warrant the increase in price?”

    Still recommend it here to everyone I know – great place to come and with out a doubt the best value ski resort in Europe.

    Come to Bansko!

    • Lance says:

      Hi Jay,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. You have summarised the changes well — on a positive note I think there could be good news on the construction on another main lift up the mountain — but we’ll see.

      I am also happy you find the restaurant and bar advice here useful. Have a wonderful time in Bansko.

  11. Debra says:

    Hi Lance,
    This will be our forth time to Bansko.
    Myself and my partner love it and we really look forward to returning every year.
    Absolutely love your app, we are due out sun 27th Jan, I will keep checking your weather reports, and reviews.
    Many thanks Deb

    • Lance says:

      Hi Debra,

      Thank you for commenting… and I’m especially happy you like the app. Do please rate and review it. In fact, if everyone rates and reviews the app this alone will ensure that I can keep the app free! Your app rate and reviews ensure more popularity which means more advertising and more resources to make the improvements we are keen to do.

  12. Daniela-Romania says:

    I was in december and in our first day in Bansko our group ate at” The red fat duck chinese restaurant ” in one of the portions I found a worm in vegetables.I do not recommend anyone ; was disgusting.
    the opposite is Victoriarestaurant and Chateau Antique and also Euphoria.

  13. Geoff watson says:

    Tonight is the third night at the Log House with our party of 24, 5 families with kids aged 9 to 20! Can’t speak highly enough. Great food, good service and happy to put themselves out to accommodate our party. Number one choice for a return next time we come (next year).

  14. Paul Regan says:

    Lance do you know if the Americano coffee shop opposite ice rink shuts down after ski season ! i come to bansko for the biking and avoid the ski thing , have had a place there 10 years .
    I always eat in the place opposite the Stoneflower!, its great value food dont know what its called , its in Bulgarian only .
    Sometimes struggle to find places open in April /May and October /November which is when I like it , no crowds and no touts!!!!!!!

    • Lance says:

      The Americano coffee shop is now the Afrodite erotic bar! You may be thinking of Bistro Pirin. It’s open all year. I agree — a tout free zone is good. Snow is excellent and set to be good for next 5 days at least (which is as far as I can forecast with any accuray!

  15. kris says:

    I recommend everyone to go to the Morris bar, a great place with the best prices in Bansko, with most games, happy hour cocktails and beer. Sky sports and live rugby with eng.commentary. Friendly staff.

  16. Bob says:

    Hi Lance,
    We have just returned from our week, we varied the restaurants this year, Queens was as good as always, real value.
    The Stoneflower next door was a taste sensation with all meat cooked on its big indoor BBQ, we were also give 4ltrs of beer free.
    We visited Penguins twice due to everyone loving the food and atmosphere, great house band too that played nice music to eat and chat during.

    But the best place of all has to be The Irish Harp, the Guinness went down a treat and the Irish imported meat made the steaks melt in the mouth, Brian is just the nicest of guys, wish him all the best for this, take the phone number with you for a pick up service as its not easily found, but well worth finding.

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