JJ Murphy’s Party: Ani Lozanova And Free Beer

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Guiness In Bansko

JJ Murphy's: Vicky, Krassie, Dani & Boriana (left to right)

Ani Lozanova and her band will be rocking the night away at JJ Murphy’s first anniversary party on Friday 19th February. It’s been one year since JJ Murphy’s opened its Bansko branch of their famous Murphy’s in Sofia. And what a party we have! Just check out Ani and her band in the video I took of her playing live in Bansko’s Happy End bar and take a look inside JJ Murphy’s in the party video invitation:

Ani Lozanova And Free Beer

I mentioned Ani Lozanova recently, and it is just phenomenal how popular she has been over the years and the hundreds of concerts she has given. But when sorting the party out, I was keen that we could offer all readers not just “Ani L” — the best live act I have ever seen play in Bansko — but also a party that you’ll remember for the fun, and not for the hole in your wallet. And I was delighted when they went along with my idea.

So here it is: enjoy the party with free entry, and then quench you thirst with a free half pint of beer with your first pint purchased before 10:00pm. Free for everyone who brings along the voucher you receive when subscribed to banskoblog, or who are already subscribed.  As a draft Shumensko is only 2.50 lv (1.25 EUR approx) I suggest trying out JJ Murphy’s for the Six Nations Rugby matches all shown on the many SKY TV screens throughout the bar.

A Family Dining Deal: Without Smoke

Irish bar

JJ Murphy’s, the sponsor of banskoblog birthday party, wanted to let everyone know  that about the new management and staff.  Not everyone reading this will be in Bansko on Friday the 19th February!  So to help ensure you check out the craic in JJ’s soon, I’m automatically sending all banskoblog new, and existing subscribers a 15% discount voucher for family dining between 4 and 7pm.

Thank guys, I was impressed. Family Dining there  is just what I have needed in the past. Early eating after a day’s exercise suits me better. And here is a venue that caters for all tastes in family.

If you find smoking whilst one is eating as annoying as I do, then the huge no smoking section will ensure you and your family’s clothes are useable the following day.

A Cappuccino And A Smile

Irish bar

JJ Murphy's, Bansko

After criticising restaurants that offer lousy service I was pleased that last week I received  feedback from others that JJ’s has friendly, smiling and attentive service. Whilst I had found it always good there, I was keen to be sure I was not promoting a party anywhere that serves up that unique Bulgarian style of a no smiling, grumpy and indignant attitude bar service that is still offered up as acceptable in some Bansko restaurants.

For some tastes a change is required from the thick dark coffee. So those who enjoy a frothy cappuccino like I do, will appreciate this is one place you can get one.

Six Nations Rugby And Valentines Day

It’s all here. I’ll be in there on Saturday France vs Ireland and Wales vs Scotland and then England vs Italy on Sunday. It’s a good time to check it out. Especially as on Sunday 14th and you will receive a free bottle of wine with your meal. It’s a one off Valentines day deal.

Bansko Restaurant

JJ Murphy's, Bansko

Thank You

One year of banskoblog.com has been a load of fun and this has all been down to my accommodation advertisers, sponsors, and all the ski/board hire, tuition, lift pass packages you have kindly purchased through me. So please subscribe, save some cash this and at the Head Test Centre.

and I look forward to seeing you in JJ Murphy’s both this weekend and Friday 19th for Ani Lozanova and her band. Nazdrave!

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4 Responses to “JJ Murphy’s Party: Ani Lozanova And Free Beer”

  1. barry sinfield says:

    hey lance, such a cool idea… ive been coming to bansko for 5 years now amd seen many changes… your blog is great for genuine comments…. lizzard is a real nice guy and great all round singer in harrys bar, hope to meet up with you when i return 4 3 weeks from the 14th march… continue the good work, barry

    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for your confirmation on the Lizard – you're absolutely right, he is a real nice person too. Look forward to seeing you when you are over again in Bansko, nazdrave! Lance

  2. Mike says:

    5 of us are staying in Bansko for a couple of nights in June on a walking trip. Where would be a good, atmospheric, place to watch 1 of England's World Cup matches? We've a history of watching England on TV around Europe (& Morocco), so wouldn't want this year to be any different.


    • LanceNelson says:

      Hi Mike,

      I like your tradition. I am in JJ Murphy's in Sofia on the 12th to see England play, but JJ Murphy's in Bansko is open too. I am trying to find out if Sky are transmitting in 3D and whether anyone has installed all the gear. Watching football in 3D is terrific having now seen a few matches in 3D, I think this is the future!

      however Sky will only be broadcasting in 3D (in around 2,000 pubs in the UK) from the quarter finals onwards. Come On England!!

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