Ski Conditions: Soft Snow On Plato

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Bansko ski conditions today, Friday 19th February, were very good for me on the plato, hard, a little icy and broken snow on the runs below Platoto. Wonderful sunshine is now giving way to cloud. Slushy snow on snow road back down.

Ski Bansko

Picture Taken 19th February 2010: Platoto

Some snow and rain tonight and still very warm on Saturday. Sunday becoming cooler. Some more snow on Sunday and clear skies… and probably some nice powder snow on Monday. Possibly some more snow on Tuesday. As always, my forecast is made mainly looking at the charts. But weather is fickle and especially this year! The Bansko sages are predicting a long cold winter. But I never believe any long range guesses!


The end of English school holiday week saw the unusual situation where you were best getting to the gondola later, rather than earlier. I found a long queue at 8.00 am. but moved quickly. I really felt the queuing etiquette improve this week. Can the nation of queuers teach some others on this topic? I think so. What do you think, please comment below.

Ski Hire & Lessons

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See you at JJ Murphy’s tonight.


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