How to Face the Snow Like a Boss

Apr 11, 2019 No Comments by

Whether you’re getting ready for winter or that you’re simply living in a place that has a snowy climate, gearing up for cold weather gets overwhelming sometimes. On one hand, you’d want to be prepared, but on the other, you don’t want to be bogged down by too much stuff you’re carrying. Regardless of what […]

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Social Spring Skiing: April is the New March

Apr 05, 2019 No Comments by

April is the new March. Or rather it would be, if the ski lifts stayed open for another week. With more snow expected next week, there will be a few frustrated Bansko visitors who were hoping the season would be extended — just like it has been in other years. But not this year. The […]

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Rafting on the Struma Kresna Gorge: Prices and Booking

Apr 02, 2019 No Comments by

Rafting on Struma and the Kresna Gorge is a Bansko activity with thrills and a few spills. This white water rafting activity is on the Struma river which is 45km from Bansko, or 115 km from Sofia, is an adrenaline soaked Bansko activity that starts from 1st April until late July / early August, depending […]

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The Bansko Off-Road Jeep Safari Experience: Prices and Booking

Apr 02, 2019 No Comments by

The Bansko Off-Road Jeep Safari is one of our most popular activities in Bansko outside the ski season. And with very good reason. The modern 4×4 vehicles take you to places you would never normally see around the Pirin range and the Razlog valley. This is fast, adrenaline filled and fun. Suitable for all the family […]

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The Bansko ATV Experience: Prices and Booking

Apr 02, 2019 No Comments by

The Bansko ATV (4 wheel drive All Terrain Vehicle) is an experience you’ll remember for a long time. This adventure takes you out in the real wilderness of the Pirin mountains. you go through rivers, ride lakesides, through forests and see remote villages; the real Bulgaria we at Bansko Blog love. We know that you too will […]

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Sofia Day Trip Tour

Apr 01, 2019 No Comments by

Sofia is the capital and the largest city in Bulgaria with a population of about 1,300,000 people. A dark communist past and a raipdly changing skyline means that appearances can be deceptive. There is everything you would expect a capital city to have from ancient Roman ruins, shopping to nightlife. This tour passes through main landmarks in the central […]

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The Yagodinska Cave And Eagle Eye Tour

Apr 01, 2019 No Comments

The Yagodinska Cave tour and excursion is the one that surprises our clients. It’s not so well known but incredibly impressive. The Yagodinska cave is the longest of all caves in the Rhodope Mountains. It is a complicated multi-floor system of underground tunnels. The New Year Hall is located on the visitor floor. In the […]

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