Bansko Seasons Ends: Swimwear | Bikini ski down Special edit

May 05, 2021 No Comments by

Bansko end of ski season 2021 turned out to be the perfect end to a wonderful ski season. At 2.00pm we gathered at the top of the Bunderitsa 2 / Plato lift and at about 2:15 we descended the mountain. Click below to join me on the joy and happiness on that wonderful last day […]

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The Ultimate Travel Checklist When Visiting Bansko, Bulgaria for the Ski Season

Apr 14, 2021 No Comments by

Have you booked your trip to Bansko, Bulgaria for the ski season? If that is the case, then you need to start thinking about what you will pack. Perhaps, you already know that Bansko is a sloppy area with mind-blowing snowy mountains. This makes the area ideal for the ski season. Packing for such a […]

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I Am Amazing: Craft beer breweries come together

Mar 26, 2021 No Comments by

I have written about craft beer several times here before, so regulars will know I am a huge fan of supporting microbreweries because I really struggle to drink the local lager. And it pleases me no end that Bulgaria’s microbreweries are coming together to support the small business community. This reflects my philosophy at our […]

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Bansko Property: Prices Update Spring 2021

Mar 25, 2021 No Comments by

The Bansko property market is active. Cristian Zarnescu, owner of long time established agency,, takes a look at what’s been happening in real estate. He advised me that it’s all change now. Even since just October 2020 to now in late March 2021 there has been a significant increase in buying interest from Bulgarians; […]

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The Bansko Ski Season That Keeps on Giving: until 11th April 2021

Mar 25, 2021 No Comments by

50cm+ of snow over these last four days in Bansko has lead to day after day of truly epic conditions. Fresh powder, beautiful slopes and sunshine. This season has been the best I have ever known. And it’s set to last until the end of the season as temperature rise next week. Take a look […]

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The Essential Gear You Need To Get For Your Next Ice Climbing Adventure

Mar 24, 2021 No Comments by

Ice climbing can be a great adventure but can also be rather dangerous if you aren’t prepared. There are a ton of things that can go wrong, and the weather and temperature are certainly not going to be forgiving. Before you jump into your adventure, you should look at all your gear to not only […]

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Bansko Restaurants Open Monday 1st March

Feb 24, 2021 No Comments

The long awaited announcement that confirms that restaurants in Bansko and in all of Bulgaria will be allowed to re-open on March 1. They may use no more than half of their seating capacity and must close no later than 11pm, Tourism Minister Mariana Nikolova said on February 24 after a meeting with Health Minister […]

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