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Apple iPhone 6 And An Apple Watch; A Ski Tech Special

Sep 10, 2014 No Comments by

One of my favourite days of the year has just past. The Apple Event 9th September. New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the future Apple WATCH. Listen to Episode 17 of my podcast on Apple’s announcement below: Speculation over but did Apple deliver? Yes and No. You’ll know by now that the iPhone 6 [...]

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Snow and weather forecast

Jan 23, 2013 No Comments by

More snow arrived last week and made for some of the best conditions of the season so far. It was good enough for GoPro video cam to come out. Then temperatures moved up –not so great. But the snow party has returned. Read on to see how the outlook has improved. Last night around 4 cm [...]

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Insurers move to ensure better ski safety

Nov 25, 2012 4 Comments by

Ski safety, and the wearing of helmets, is a topic that divides opinion. Read on for why there could be more than just safety as a reason to consider wearing a helmet.   Use your head There has been a recent move by holiday insurer Essential Travel to ensure better ski safety by making it [...]

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Oakley Gretchen Blieler Signature Ski Goggles Review

Sep 17, 2011 4 Comments by
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Head’s Up Ski Gear Review

Jan 26, 2010 5 Comments by

“I cannot ski; something’s badly wrong…maybe I need new ski boots.” These were my feelings, when as it dawned on me that maybe it’s not just faulty technique that’s to blame. I felt a disconnect from my skis, a lack of control. Could it be that I had useless ski boots? Ski Gear, ski equipment, [...]

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Ski Fashion 2010: Gear Review

Nov 29, 2009 7 Comments by
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Bansko Ski Fashion

Mar 14, 2009 7 Comments

Bansko ski fashion report. And this season, see latest the fashion is more than ever in evidence in Bansko. See Ski Fashion Update And it’s surprisingly daring. Some vivid outfits. No expense spared, coordinating outfits like the one above. The ski pants, ski jacket and even the under ski top and helmet all matched.  The [...]

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