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Why Sponsor

There are many choices for advertising your Bansko business, but BLOG site sponsorship is recognised as one of the most effective mediums to reach your target audience.


But Why Are Blogs So Effective For Advertisers?

  • Blogs are usually updated frequently, and so visited by the search engines more often than static web pages –this means your advertisement and link will get noticed sooner.
  • Your ad is aimed to the readership of the blog – so the resulted traffic will be very targeted.
  • Active blogs are sources of trusted content.
  • Blog advertising provides tremendous search engine optimisation benefits by supplying quality back links.
  • Gets your site noticed quickly by the search engines.
  • Long term business benefit: many blogs have been around for years and will continue to publish long after your initial advertising or marketing campaign has ended.
  • Some forms of blog advertising, especially blog post sponsorship, will stay on the blog permanently for the life of the blog. That longevity makes the cost of blog advertising even more cost effective.

We are now all media savvy. We are subjected to hundreds of advertising and promotional messages every single day. So to survive, we’ve become masters at filtering out stuff that is of no RELEVANCE to what we we are looking for.

And further more… we are all wary of the hard sales hype and exaggerated claims.

But buyers are researching on line and on mobile more than ever. Searching for the appropriate service or product that satisfies their needs OR verification that their choice of product or service is a good one. Searching online for reviews and inside tips…

… and now blogs style sites can deliver a more personal, and impartial view, of the world… the focus is on content that is useful, timely and content that is free.

The good news is that Bansko advertisers have the perfect blog advertising, and promotional, medium, and Bansko App. With over 700 articles, 4,000+ subscribers and regular comments, it’s a trusted source of content. Over 270,000 YouTube visits and over 2,000 visits per day in the ski season make banskoblog the premier place to promote to an affluent readership.


Number One For Bansko is popular. 110,000 unique visitors per year. 700+ articles covering a whole host of topics, visitors trust the content and continue to come back and recommend the site to others.

The year round readership ensures your business remains ahead of your competition. What’s more the growth whilst impressive, it is continuing on a daily basis – with more and more visitors each month registering. What’s more the new dual language site will and continual improvements will make BanskoBlog even more popular in the future.


Business Promotion In Bansko

This coming season is going to be competitive for all areas of the tourism and property business services. But there is opportunity…

More than ever, travellers use the internet to get the info they need, and secure a deal. So getting noticed on the internet is essential.

However, our time is in short supply, and internet browsers appreciate the trusted information source that is Information, events,  reviews, videos and FRESH content.

… all in one place. is that place.

Options include:

  • weather report video sponsorship
  • newsletter sponsorship
  • front page banner
  • sponsored blog article review
  • 125×125 ad
  • video review
  • in-app slider
  • in-app listing
  • Facebook and twitter exposure

Just think how your business will benefit from this sort of exposure to a targeted BANSKO readership.

BUT you may be thinking why now?…

…blog sponsorship will boost your business enquiries NOW.

… Around 50% of visitors are return visitors. Successful promotion is about placing your business name before your target audience several times. And to do this well before your client visits, or needs your service in Bansko.

You’ll also received focussed enquiries from the growing database of blog subscribes, who not only come back to the site regularly, but actively have a stake in the success of Bansko. A significant proportion of these Bansko devotees are property owners or keen on winter sports. Many owners visit Bansko out of the ski season… and take multiple vacations in Bansko. These people will reward you with repeat business and referrals. Sponsoring BanskoBlog helps you target your audience.


Why Sponsor

There are many choices for advertising your Bansko business, but blog site sponsorship is recognised as one of the most effective mediums to reach your target audience.

Your business not only gets recognition but also can benefit rom a listing in Bansko App — With 500+ 5 star reviews (and over 50,000 downloads since launch in February 2011 — you have many opportunities to grab the attention of your audience.


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