Swiss Perfection

When thinking about a skiing holiday there can surely only be one destination that springs to mind. Switzerland’s idealistic geography coupled with it’s delightful ski chalets and scenes that come straight out of a postcard means it has got to be one of the world’s greatest places to ski in style.

With 70% of the country’s mass being mountainous- that’s 28,700km of it’s 41,000km coverage- it’s hardly surprising that Switzerland has gained a reputation for being a haven for extreme sports enthusiasts and casual skiers alike. It’s highest mountain is the Dufourspitze, which comes in at 4634 meters high, although it’s fame is somewhat trumped by the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous mountain, which comes in at 4634 meters.  Switzerland is also home to Europe’s largest glacier, the Aletsch glacier that is 24km long.


Although there are many resorts that skiing enthusiasts would treasure, there are a select few that are reputed as the best. One of which is of course the glamorous St Moritz. Littered with celebrities and a favourite resort of all those who wish to party at night and hit the slopes during the day St Moritz is the Aspen of the new celebrity generation.

St Moritz has ski chalets by the bucket load, ranging from as little as £400 to £750 for seven nights, but whatever option you choose the region’s 350km of skiable slopes and the nightlife that has sprung up to accompany it’s celebrity status guarantees to give you a holiday you will never forget.


If you want a more reserved, neutral, ‘Swiss’ kind of holiday though, there is always the Zermatt Bergbahnen resort on the South of the country. This resort has what has been billed as the country’s best ski resort, including one called the Kleine Matterhorn, which gives thrillseekers the highest skiing experience on the continent 
and sits in the shadow of the mighty Matterhorn.


Ski chalets here will cost between £400-£500 but the small Swiss town of Zermatt gives visitors a sense of what it is like to be truly Swiss, with perfect houses, a modest nightlife and scenery which you could fill any camera with. Just be sure to take photos of yourself with it to prove you were actually there.