Finding Peace: Quieter Venues in Bansko Worth Exploring.

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Peace and quiet can sometimes be challenging to find. If you’re like me and want to discover places which are quiet and where you can have a proper conversation without loud music then I’ve put his guide together especially for you.

Full disclosure: 1. I confess I really dislike loud music. I find it hard to hear others talk and causes me much discomfort. 2. Some of these venues are Bansko Blog supporting venues where you can book a table through the app.

This article came about because someone else asked the question in the Bansko Blog Facebook Chat as to where can they guarantee to go and not have their conversation drowned out. Then looking at some of these venues they come with caveats.

Kempinski Lobby bar + Come Prima + Sushi & Teppanyaki restaurant

Premier Luxury Resort Lobby bar + Amvrosia restaurant

The Goat – inside

BlaBla Bar – inside

Peshterite – inside. Outside often quite noisy with Bansko style traditional music 🙁 .

Kolibata – inside. Outside quite noisy (although owner turned music down at my request).

VIP Room – see below – before 1pm outside. Inside music background and unobtrusive.

Smokey Mountain Lobby Bar

Dvino Wine and coffee – very quiet music

Pivoteka Craft Beer Mountain Base – background music – owner will turn it down.

Black Honey (moderate music – owner will turn it down)

Craft Beer Shop Shark (moderate music – but will turn down on request)

Lion bar – afternoon

The Hub – except party nights

Good Bar – Pirin Street

Nova Bar – Town square

Lido Bar – (next to The Club, Church Square)

The Snug – always quiet

Morris bar – afternoons quiet. Karaoke nights

The Irish Harp – unobtrusive background music

Contrabar – quiet in afternoons. DJ music later on

Restaurants without loud music or “gypsy bands”:

La Skara

George & Mary


Five Points

Banski Han


Alpine Restaurant Fondue



4 Directions

Nova bar

In summary, Bansko can be challenging to find places that are quiet later on. Many visitors enjoy live music and DJ music. That’s fine but I enjoy a good conversation without having to fight with overly loud background music. Let me know what you think and do try those affordable everyday quiet places to visit such as Dvino Wine and Coffee. Relax and chill after a day in the mountains – without loud music.

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