Ski season over: looking back and a glimpse of what’s ahead

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Picture taken: 24th March 2023

With several weeks since the ski season ended I’m looking back on the past and also on some of the Bansko delights that lay ahead. There’s no doubt the ski season of 2022/23 was the the most challenged in Bansko’s modern history. When the ski season opened there was just one piste that was open. And that one piste was all there was that remained open until the end of January. The weather just did not bring that snow in spite of an early January dump that built our hopes up. It was too early and warm air from Africa dominated from Christmas right until late January.

Of course we had cancellations and rebooking for later in the season. But it was a real challenge across much of the Alps. That’s weather.

Reality vs Expectations

However, I learnt one important lesson; that if reality beats one’s expectations then we are happy. And, I think because of this, I surprisingly enjoyed this “no ski” period. It was the opportunity for me to meet more of our clients than I usually have time to do. And there was plenty of fun to be had. For example, ATV tours, golf, MTBing, hiking and trips to the Spa made for good alternative activities/

Whilst there were moments of frustration with the lack of snow, there was plenty of fun to be had. And it was a reminder that for life to be good it’s family and friends come first.

In short, those that came to Bansko knew what to expect and the vast majority of those that I met were glad they came. Loads of sunshine and plenty of time for enjoying those alternative activities.

March & April

The snow arrived and February turned out good but busier than usual with more people arriving that usual due too deferred trips from January. The March came and delivered many excellent days. Loads of sunshine. And another reminder that one of the things I love about Bansko are the number of sunny days compared to the Alps. The feel good factor of sunshines brings a good vibe.

Even on the 3rd May as I type this, there is still excellent cross country skiing to be had in the fresh snow that fell last week.

Apres ski: turned up to the max

Especially noteworthy was the visit for two separate weeks of the apres ski outfit from St Tropez. Bansko upped its acres ski offering at The Happy End. Super impressive shows with three singers a saxophonist and dancing troupe. This was fun and totally world class apres ski. It came at a price but this did not put off anyone. Every evening the Happy End was packed.

I think this was the turning point for Bansko. A real step up in quality. Whilst I missed the HUB360 (just The HUB up the hill open-end), the early evenings here were amongst the most memorable for me.

Step by step ere better than ever and my four visits this season were ones where I let my hair down – maybe a little too much.

And so to all the memories I look ahead to the summer with the Bansko Nomad Fest on 25th June 2023. 750 visitors and a load of entrepreneurial activity and fun.

The Jazz Fest 5th to 12th August 2023 is always one of the best times to be around Bansko for the summer. And this year I suspect more people than ever will be here.

More coming soon so be sure to subscribe for my newsletter and it’s also a good time to book flights for the 2023/4 ski season. Prices are not going to come down and nothing beats the anticipation of a ski trip.

That’s a wrap of the ski season and be sure to subscribe to my occasional newsletter on what’s good in Bansko


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