Snow falling on the slopes provides hope for Bansko’s ski season

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The snow deprived start to the Bansko ski season sees snow falling heavily. There’s 20cm on the slopes above the top of the gondola lift around Bunderishka Poliana and 30cm at the top.

With more snow set to fall and piste bashed out we can expect more slopes to open very soon.

Today has been a good day to relieve the snow anxiety. It’s a special type of anxiety that is affecting myself and most people who enjoy winter sports throughout Europe this past month.

Snow and weather forecast

As temperatures fall today we’ll see some of that rain in town turn to snow in town. Check out our cam that looks to the Pirin mountains and the gondola lift below. Watch all the live cams in the Bansko app (download link, it’s free).

But whilst there may end up being over 40 cm of fresh snow at the top it is the temperatures that need to stay low.

As things look right now the snow will stop on Tuesday 11th January around midday. The a little snow Saturday 15th January may be a little more than forecast. But those temperatures start to creep up again on Monday 16th January with warm sunshine staying for at least another few days. After that, there’s a good chance of colder temperatures and more snow. Way too early to be certain.

On the 21st and 22nd January is the FIS Snowboarding competition and preparation for this has already started.

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