Private airport transfers to Bansko: 5 things you need to know

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I started offering Sofia to Bansko transfers in the 2008/09 ski season. And I would say, as humbly as possible, that the last thirteen years of experience of arranging transfers for thousands of clients has gone into this list. Here’s everything you need to know about transfers to and from Bansko from Sofia/Plovdiv/Thessaloniki.

1.  No waiting around

A private transfer is where there will only be yourself and your family and friends in the vehicle, as per your booking. You will not be waiting for other people to collect check-in bags. You’ll meet your driver at arrivals — just as you come through customs. He/she will have your name on a board or an iPad screen.

Alternatively our transfers will pick you up, at no extra charge, from a hotel in Sofia or Plovdiv.

2. Speed

After helping with your bags in the vehicle (including any skis or snowboard bags) you will be immediately on your way. Some of our regular clients have figered out to take just a take-on bag and rucksack – so they can be first away. A shared transfer may take 40 minutes for everyone’s bags to come through.

Typically, your driver will only stop on route if you require a short convenience break. In a shared transfer a longer break, usually of about 20 minutes is made.

Whilst a shared transfer could see your vehicle stopping off at multiple hotels in Bansko when youarribve in Bansko. When you depart Bansko, your private transfer is just for you. This means you are not waiting around and getting to the airport in good time but not ridiculously early.

Value your sleep – or, if an evening flight, an extra morning session on the slopes.

3.  From plane to piste

Your private transfer driver will take you directly to your Bansko accommodation. You then quickly get the things you need. You sort out your ski hire / snowboard hire (save by pre booking here on banskoblog or in our Bansko App) and lift passes purchased from the gondola lift or hotel. 

Want to ski the same day you arrive? You can! If you arrive at 12:00 in Sofia then you can be in Bansko by 14:15 and be on pistes by 3pm for 2 hours of skiing/snowboarding. 

The secret to same day arrival ski is to be dropped off at our ski hire partners at skimania – change into ski clothes in the shop –  you have your ski hire already sorted and you are soon on your way up the mountain to ski!

4.  Healthy holiday, happy holiday

Staying healthy before travelling is obvious but what about the risks of getting sick at the start of your trip? Sharing transport with people you don’t know exposes you to the potential risk of catching a virus from others you don’t know. A private transfer does not expose you to that risk.

And to fall ill right at the start of your vacation – that really sucks. I am talking about reducing the risk from all transmittable illnesses from flus, coughs and colds. And then there are covid-19 variants – which are still around as I go to press.

5. Affordability

Bansko Blog premium private transfers are are not only competitive in price but, as of winter 2022, are under half the price per kilometre compared to transfers in other countries.

In the same way as with our ski and snowboard hire, you can book both conveniently and quickly.

Click here or book in-app for our private transfers. They are available from Sofia, Plovdiv and Thessaloniki by special request.

But what do you think? Let me know below or on the social channels.

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