Epic Bansko Ski Conditions: Snow forecast for late January

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Bansko has had the most snow filled start to the ski season any of us has ever known. Subscribe to the Bansko Blog YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to ensure you receive our regular snow forecast updates and anything else that we feel will enhance your experience in Bansko.

Covid-19 regulations have meant that we are seeing people come to Bansko who probably would never have considered coming in the past. And what makes this so pleasing for me, is that we have had both novice and experienced people arrive here and enjoy the amazing snowfall. And whilst some of them bring their own snowboards and skis many have commented how convenient skiing in Bansko can be.

An easy transfer in around 2 hours, lots of comfortable accommodation and, another shill for our services, our convenient ski hire and snowboard hire rental shops 50 metres from the gondola lift. Excellent English speaking instructors at much lower than Alpine prices have been the cherry on the cake.

Then there’s been the food and apres-ski scene which many have commented is much livelier than other resorts that they have visited. And last, but not least, there is the food which has surpassed new visitor’s expectations.

Snow Forecast

Temperatures are falling at I type this and expect tomorrow and the next few days until 15th January -15C at the top. Expect clear skies for much of the next week but with another big dump of snow arriving on 19th January 2022.

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