Bansko Blog App v3.0: 10 year anniversary edition

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Bansko Blog App v3.0 is ready to download (it’s free) on Android and iOS – just search for “bansko” and you’ll see it. The app is completely redesigned, re-engineered and ready to enhance the Bansko experience for all of us living, working and visiting in Bansko.

If you’re thinking “not another app to download” then allow me a small humble brag to reprint some of the recent reviews. These should put your mind at ease.

This app was originally designed for what exactly I wanted in an app. And that goal has never changed. This major update brings the app to a level that even I, as a very fussy person, am very happy with.

And you seem to agree: In just a few weeks we have received many more 5 star reviews – now totalling over 650 5 star reviews for each of the iOS and Android apps, since their launch in 2012.

What’s new in v3.0?

You’ll see a new animated splash screen which sets a playful mood and then you’re instantly into the home screen.

For the technical among you, the Android version is developed in the robust programming languages of Kotlin (Android) and in SwiftUI (iOS). I worked closely with Alex, our in-house design (UI/UX) expert, and all of our highly experienced engineering team to make the information easy to find.

The challenge was to make the most used features as accessible as possible but not to overwhelm new users.

This update v3.0 is our ten year anniversary version. Is this the coolest mountain resort app platform that’s available anywhere in the world? You decide.

When I say that the app was was designed for what I want to see in a resort app, I mean it. There’s no annoying sign up or personal details required to use the app. Indeed, since the app’s launch in February 2011 we have allowed users to remain anonymous and manage their privacy, as they choose, in the in-app chat function.

In a world where Web 2.0 seems broken, I know many of our users appreciate this.

App features

  • Live stream cams
  • In-app chat with other users
  • Vlog
  • Blog
  • Lift opening
  • Piste opening
  • Piste map
  • Town map
  • Emergency numbers
  • Weather
  • Restaurant table booking and listings
  • Restaurant food delivery (coming soon)
  • Sofia Airport arrival and departure info
  • Private transfer booking (discounted)
  • Ski and snowboard hire
  • Ski and snowboard lesson booking
  • @bansko (our twitter account) feed
  • Facebook & Instagram feed
  • Email newsletter sign up

Future Bansko App development roadmap

There is always update work to be done for all apps, however we have a long list of fixes and enhancements we’ll be gradually implementing, so be sure to turn on auto app updates.

Over the coming weeks and months look out for an enhanced private transfer booking form, avatar and photo upload in the in-app chat features, more restaurant table booking and an integrated weather api.

In particular, I can’t wait to see our cutting edge Augmented Reality features bringing an even more immersive app experience in 2022.

The task for all apps is never ending and includes bug fixes and continuous back office updates. So do email me, lance at banskoblog dot com if you see bugs.

Is Bansko App independent?

Yes, our Bansko App is 100% independent from the lift company and receives no local or governmental support. Views express in the app, and here as well, are purely ours and of the users. We’re in this to keep it real and our users are free to express opinions (assuming they are within the law and are family friendly in their theme). That includes views that many, including myself, may disagree with.

I will die on this hill to keep it this way.

“Finding spare time between our client’s projects at App Factory Ltd has been a challenge this year but we got to build a modern world class resort app. I really hope you like the new look as much as I do. And, if you do, I would love it if you could leave a rate and review of the app in the App / Play store — it means a lot to me and all the development team.”

Thank you, Lance Nelson

How can I support the app and your work?

Now you know all this blog, and the app are independent, then please bear this in mind when contacting us. Most of all I love to hear from you in the not in the bars and restaurants of bansko — or up on the slopes. Your comments help shape what I do. Some of you do ask how you can help my work — well here goes, there are eight ways you can help…

  • Book your private transfer, ski hire and lessons in the app (or here on
  • Book your restaurant table in-app
  • Get your takeaway food in-app
  • Help others in the chat topics
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel Bansko Blog
  • Donate in @bansko twitter (bitcoin/sats and pattern)
  • Leave a review on our Facebook page.
  • Rate and review the app in the Play / App Store

Looking for web, api and app development work?

App Factory Ltd, established since 2013, works with international clients developing web and app projects. Typical budgets in excess of €20,000.

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