Bansko Seasons Ends: Swimwear | Bikini ski down Special edit

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Picture taken 11th April 2021 on Plato

Bansko end of ski season 2021 turned out to be the perfect end to a wonderful ski season. At 2.00pm we gathered at the top of the Bunderitsa 2 / Plato lift and at about 2:15 we descended the mountain. Click below to join me on the joy and happiness on that wonderful last day of the Bansko ski season:

The conditions were perfect spring snow conditions with bright warm sunshine. You’ see plenty of smiles and fun costumes from tigers, bears, cowboys, 70’s retro, shorts, kilts and bikinis. Most of us were season pass holders and many of us had got to know each other both on the mountain and outside the bars of Bansko during the season.

Bikini Bansko end of season party
First stop from the top: Party at the 180 Bar & Restaurant (picture taken 11th April 2021)

The season dominated by digital nomads, expats, remote workers & contractors, Bulgarians living in Sofia and select visitors from Romania, Czech Republic, Israel and Ireland. A few made it from Turkey, Cyprus and some other countries that required some work arounds.

This was the season that, for those who could make it to Bansko, were very grateful for. Including me. Day after day of such good snow. And a sense of belonging that helped build so many special friendships amongst the community here.

The surprise was that almost on all days there were plenty of us out on the mountain. On only a few numbers of days, at weekends, was it crowded. As always from mid March it was less busy and coincided with fresh snowfall. A common pattern for Bansko is the late season ski conditions. April was amazing.

I waited three weeks to post this because of sensitivities with the pandemic. Was it right that a ski resort should open? Was the virus being spread? I don’t have the data to really know but, anecdotally, no-one reported as having covid after this season end party. Maybe this is because many had already had immunity from catching covid earlier in the ski season. Everyone has their theory and my speculation on this topic will not add anything useful. I could just add that there was an increased risk but, out of the season pass holders I knew, no one person needed to be admitted to hospital due to covid symptoms.

I’ll just end by saying it was an extraordinary season, many fabulous memories. I will cherish the memory of taking my 4 year old son down the ski road for the first time. His joy and sense of achievement means everything. Life affirming moments are what it is to be human.

To watch the joy and happiness on so many people this season makes me realise why introducing your family to the joy of mountain life with skiing and snowboarding activity is well worth the initial effort. Learning to ski here in Bansko is something you’ll never forget. For me, I can’t wait to see him improve some more and enjoy #thefreedomtoski and #thefreedomtoride.

I hope you enjoyed the vlogs — they will be less frequent during the summer but in the meantime it helps me a lot if you subscribe to the Bansko Blog YouTube channel and comment on what your ski plans are for next ski season.

Finally travelling to Bulgaria is opening up as I type so I hope some of you make it here in the summer and Autumn, travel, play golf, eat fresh food, drink local wine, hike and enjoy the mountain air.

Bansko gets better and to those digital nomads coming for the Bansko Nomad in late June, I will be speaking about my start-up journey and the benefits of being in Bulgaria for business as well as pleasure.


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