I Am Amazing: Craft beer breweries come together

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Ten Bulgarian craft breweries (nine shown here) brew their own “I Am Amazing” beer

I have written about craft beer several times here before, so regulars will know I am a huge fan of supporting microbreweries because I really struggle to drink the local lager. And it pleases me no end that Bulgaria’s microbreweries are coming together to support the small business community. This reflects my philosophy at our fast growing, but local, order.bg food ordering software business. Read on for the full press release:

Unique beers with the common name I Am Amazing will be sold only in specialty bars and shops

For the first time ever, ten competing Bulgarian microbreweries are coming together to present ten unique craft beers, which will be sold only in specialty craft bars and shops. Each of the beers is named I Am Amazing, and with the initiative the brewers aim to make consumers buy their favourite brands from the small bars and shops which have suffered the most from the coronavirus crisis.

“I am amazing” is one of the lines with which Kubrat Pulev challenged Joshua. We chose it because we realised that even a person like him and his undeniable success can divide our society.”, said Mihail Durchev, chairman of the Association of Microbreweries in Bulgaria and owner of one of the breweries. “We want to give a new meaning to this phrase, because we are amazing not only when we win, but especially when we unite in difficult times.”

The initiative includes not only the youngest breweries – Cohones, Sofia Electric, Rocket Science, but also already established producers such as Divo Pivo, Rhombus, Black Pine, Metalhead, Meltum, Trima i Dvama and Fabric.

Each of them will present different styles of beer in March – East coast IPA,
Sweet Cognac Orange Stout, Double dry hopped Session Juicy IPA, Double IPA, Dry Hopped Wheat Ale, Vanilla Oatmeal Stout, Oatmeal Porter with unique author’s recipes. “We believe that in difficult times competing businesses must unite and find a solution to the common problems of the entire sector,” added Mihail Durchev.

Beer lovers can check the list of bars and shops where they can find the unique AMAZING bottles on the initiative’s website – www.iamamazing.bg. Different videos in which celebrities take crazy interviews with restaurant, bar and shop owners will be posted on the same website. Thus, the
organisers want to show a wider range of consumers who are these people that create, support and spread craft beer culture.

Lance says: Great initiative. Support Bulgarian craft beer and support local businesses that put money back into the local business ecosystem. It’s never been needed as much as now. Money is your language to make a difference.

For more information:
Alexander Durchev, All Channels Communication: 0878 600 601
Mihail Durchev, BAMB, Cohones Brewery: 0876 227 266

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