Things to Know When Winter Grilling

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We can enjoy grilled food throughout the year, and any weather is as good as the other. Every season has its perks, and grilling in every season has its hassles. In the summer you have to cope with the heat and the autumn has many stray leaves to offer. But grilling in winter requires you to take specific steps to get the perfect result.

If the cold doesn’t annoy you, the snowfall and the damp conditions will get to you. If you decide to have a grilling cookout in the winter, certain things need to be taken care of for you to enjoy the food. This post will tell you some simple yet necessary steps you need to take for successful grilling in the winter season.

Cover the grill:
You should cover the grill before winter sets in. Heavy snowfall can make the process of starting a fire much more difficult. A cover will not only save the grill from getting wet, but its lifetime will also be preserved. Otherwise, the damp conditions will hinder your way to properly grilled food.

Store dry fuel:
Make sure that you have dry charcoal and a lot of it. Wet fuel produces excessive smoke, and the grill won’t heat up properly. It would be best if you had extra warmup time for your grill in winters, so a large quantity of fuel is essential. Be sure that you have good quality fuel and store it in a dry place.

Cook but don’t look:
Looking at your food while you grill it and smelling the aroma may sound tempting, but winters can be an enemy to that thought. When you open the grill while cooking, the heat dissipates, and food won’t appropriately be grilled. So, avoid opening the grill while the meat cooks. In this case, it’s good to have a Wi-Fi controlled grill so you know exactly when the cooking is done.

Arrange proper lighting:
We usually lose the benefit of sunlight, and it is mostly dark even in the daytime. So, make sure that you have proper lighting. This is important for those who mind the difference between medium cooked and rare.

Cover your food:
You should always keep your food covered. That’s important in any weather condition but especially in winter. You won’t like snow in your food or when it melts and makes the food watery, for that matter.

Choose the right grill:

Selecting a grill is also a crucial step. For winter grilling, you need something with excellent heat retention. A grill having a lid or cover is also imperative. Similarly, choose a top-notch brand to ensure quality and durability. We also recommend that you read reviews like this Rec Tec and
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so you can better see your options. Given above were some tips you should follow to enjoy a successful cookout. But there are somethings that you must avoid doing. Never light your grill in a shed or under an overhaul; always keep the grill away from combustible material. Snow gloves can not replace cooking gloves as they are not heat resistant. Keep yourself covered.


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