Bansko Restaurants Open Monday 1st March

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The long awaited announcement that confirms that restaurants in Bansko and in all of Bulgaria will be allowed to re-open on March 1. They may use no more than half of their seating capacity and must close no later than 11pm, Tourism Minister Mariana Nikolova said on February 24 after a meeting with Health Minister Kostadin Angelov.

The meeting was attended by Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev and representatives of the tourism industry.

Nikolova said that the limit of 15 people for organised private events such as weddings and baptisms would remain in place.

She said that as of March 1, the ban on organised tourism trips within Bulgaria would be lifted.

Organised tourism trips abroad would be allowed as of April 1.

Noting that she had written to Angelov on January 21 asking for those working in the tourism sector to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as a matter of priority, she said that the request had been granted.

Representatives of the tourism sector will compile a list of those wanting to be vaccinated, to be given to the Ministry of Health.

Congress and event tourism will be allowed to resume from March 1, the ministry statement said.

Angelov is to issue an order allowing events and congresses with a limit of 30 per cent of capacity.

The statement quoted Nikolova as saying that according to the industry, a certain period of time will be needed for preparation, and in practice it is expected that events will take place after March 20.

Nightclubs open 1st April 2020.

I think there will be many happy folks and I predict a sense of euphoria for many next week.

But those who are here may say they did not suffer… here in Bulgaria rules are made to be broken and broken they have been. I for one will be bring you a snow report from the VIP Room on Monday 1st. See you then.


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