The Ultimate Gear You Need Whilst Snowboarding

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Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport, and it is loved by professionals and amateurs all over the world. The high-octane thrill of flying down a mountain with nothing but a thin piece of wood beneath your feet really gets the blood pumping and the heart racing. In order to perform to your absolute best on the slopes and to stay safe while you are snowboarding, you must have the right equipment. 

From the right snowboard to the appropriate clothing, here is the ultimate gear you need whilst snowboarding.

1. The Right Snowboard and Bindings

The first piece of gear which you will obviously need before you hit the slopes is a snowboard. If you are just starting out or you don’t have your own snowboard, you can always hire a board from the ski resort. There are various types of snowboards, from alpine to freestyle to freeride, and each will give you a different experience. For beginners, it is usually advisable to start out with a freestyle board because they are shorter and therefore easier to control.

As well as your board, you will also need bindings. These are the attachments for fixing your boots to your snowboard. Bindings vary in size depending on the size of your boots so make sure you buy the right size. If you are renting the bindings from the resort, the experts in the rental shop will help you to choose the right bindings for your boots.

2. A Helmet

Snowboarding can be very dangerous as it is a high-speed sport so you must wear a helmet, particularly if you are a beginner. Snowboard helmets should be light, breathable, and should always have been scientifically tested to ensure that they offer full protection to the wearer in the case of an accident. There are many styles of helmets to choose from but one really cool development is ski helmets with Bluetooth technology integrated into them. Suitable for both skiing and snowboarding, these helmets allow you to listen to your favorite tunes as you are riding to add to your experience. Just make sure that you are still aware of other riders around you when the music is pumping. 

3. Snowboarding Clothes

Your snowboarding clothes are very important because it can get seriously cold up on the mountain. The first item of clothing you will need to choose is your jacket. The best jackets for snowboarding are super warm but also breathable, allowing your sweat to escape whilst still keeping you cozy. Your jacket should be wind and waterproof so that it is suitable for all weather conditions. Try to choose a jacket with variable temperature control as weather can change so quickly on the mountain and it will enable you to stay comfortable all day.

As with your jacket, your snowboarding pants also need to be windproof, waterproof, and breathable. Even the most advanced riders are going to end up on their backsides now and again, so it is vital that your pants don’t allow any water to seep through or you are going to be very cold very quickly.

4. Snowboarding Boots and Socks

Your snowboarding boots are a piece of gear that you need to pay particular attention to as they are the connection between you and your snowboard. While you can usually rent boots at the resort, it is better to have your own boots as they will mold to the size and shape of your feet. This will make them far more comfortable than renting boots which many other people may have worn. While snowboarding boots follow the same sizing as regular shoes, different brand sizes are slightly different so make sure you try your boots on before you buy.

As well as choosing the right snowboarding boots, make sure to buy special snowboard socks or you will be in for an uncomfortable day on the slopes. Your feet will get very hot in your boots so it is vital to choose socks that absorb the sweat to keep your feet dry. In order to reduce how much your feet sweat, thinner socks are best because your boots are already fully insulated. Snowboard socks should also be long enough to come over the top of your boots so that the boots don’t rub on your shins.

Snowboarding is such a huge thrill and to get the most out of your time on the mountain you should make sure you have the right gear. Always choose a snowboard that is light enough for you to handle and wear clothes that will keep you warm but allow you space to move. Safety should always be a priority so choose a helmet that is certified and solid and which will protect you even in the biggest fall. 


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