The Bansko Ski Season That Keeps On Giving (except for restaurants)

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Picture taken 27th January 2021

Its probably too late to wish you a Happy New Year but I do hope you are keeping well and if you have not already, booked for next ski season if you’re coming by plane. If you’re in Bulgaria, then you know how good the conditions have been and that the snow that has fallen this week has many perfect conditions.

Be sure to book your ski hire and private lessons with us here at bansko blog for a nice discount. And take a look conditions yesterday. A fresh 40cm+ of powder snow on upper slopes made for a very happy day. Be warned off piste is still dangerous and just a few days ago an 18 year old Bansko free ride champion lost his life in an avalanche.

Restaurant opening

Picture taken 27th January 2021

The latest news, as I go to press, is that restaurants and bar closure has been extended. New opening date is due to be 1st March 2021, except for the opening of restaurants in hotels which is still permitted.

Lots of good takeaway options. More on this soon

Covid19 tests

Covid tests are currently being required for entry for many countries. With many folks due to arrive from Romania, it will be interesting to see how many cancel due to this requirement.

Local economy

The impact on Covid19 in Bansko economically speaking is clear to see. Whilst the resort is busy, most are locals and have their own equipment and either eat in or return back to Sofia. The pain is being felt and the support cash does not (yet) seem to have reached businesses.


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