Snow falls on Bansko’s slopes: When will Bansko’s slopes open?

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8th December: Snow — lots more on its way

Last night delivered on snow for Bansko. A good 5cm layer of snow fell on the slopes of the Pirin mountain range that towers high above Bansko. This snowfall is in addition to the snow making that continues to go on whenever temperatures are -1C or below.

The snow has been falling from Bunderishka Poliana (top of gondola lift) area and higher.

Snow forecast

8th December 2020: -3C at Shiligarnika

More snow is due tomorrow, Wednesday 9th December and all day on Thursday 10th. There will be a short break from the snow and it will continue falling on Saturday early morning and resume again Sunday afternoon as temperature fall once again. As for whether the resort will be open, I will speculate on that after I take a look at who will be coming to Bansko this Christmas and New Year.

Who is coming to Bansko?

8th December — fresh snow on the Plato

The freedom to ride and to ski is a powerful draw to Bansko. As so many ski resorts in Europe have declared they will not open, it is interesting to see if people are prepared to risk Bansko.

My readership, vlog subscribers and social media statistics show a massive interest in Bansko from Bulgarians, mainly living in and around Sofia, this season. I predict a busy Christmas and New Year. The relief and euphoria of bars and restaurants opening, after three weeks closure, on the 21st December 2020 will mean many will be keen to get out. Some hotels are getting full already and Bansko will be bustling once again.

Whether the resultant crowding of younger people in bars will increase covid spread is probable — but it’s not certain. The reason for my uncertainty is because there could be more immunity in the many younger people who have already had it. If the elderly are now taking the threat very seriously and being careful we may be lucky. I may be a little optimistic in this feeling.

The anticipation of the vaccination program being implemented may also have an impact on the Covid spread. But be under no illusion, Bulgaria has a shortage of doctors to treat patients. Whilst it is possible the situation will improve — it may not. I think it’s fair to say there is more risk than before on finding prompt treatment for whatever serious illness you may contract in Bansko, or indeed anywhere in Bulgaria.

When will Bansko open?

8th December at Shiligarnika — live panorama cam from Bansko App

The date has not yet been announced. It could be Saturday 19th December or Monday 21st December. Or even sooner. No-one knows.

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