Bansko news: gondola lift opening

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Picture taken: 3rd December 2020 – Ski School meeting point, top of gondola

It’s such a weird time for everyone and in Bansko it is quieter than I have known it in the past; but the uncertainty. I’m not just talking about snow anxiety but also how things can change so fast. Here’s my vlog from yesterday:

First off here is the link to the Bulgarian government official site (in English) to advise people visiting Bulgaria these covid days. It’s all obvious and sensible stuff.

The trend we saw with increasing Covid cases and deaths in Bulgaria has, sadly, continued. The semi lockdown with the closure of bars and restaurants has been implemented until the 22nd December 2020. Early reports suggest that these may alleviate some of the issues. But the truth is simple; there are not enough doctors to deal with the cases her win Bulgaria.

Picture taken: 3rd December 2020 – Kolarski lift

The system in Bulgaria is considered, by many, for bing vulnerable to overload in a regular flu year. Combine this with the statistics that outcomes to illnesses are far behind the standard of the NHS in the UK and most other UK countries. To be blunt: the raw mortality figures reveal the second worst in the EU. It’s a bit grim to have to say this.

Whilst I focus on snow and weather, I also feel a responsibility to stick to the ethos of Bansko Blog: “honest and integrity”. And that means saying how it is. Not to sugar coat a situation that could harm visitors. I must say to everyone considering visiting Bansko to do their own research.

The main issue, at the moment, is that if you fall ill here in Bansko then your health outcome maybe worse than you would have experienced in the country that you came from. The hospitals are struggling due to shortage of doctors and beds.

My next post will be more upbeat. Readers should understand the reality that is reported on a daily basis and with verified facts on the Sofia Globe.

Having said all of this, I am looking forward to the freedom to ski (and ride) in Bansko this winter. The freedom to ski with my family and to enjoy all that the Pirin mountain range offers.

More snow is on it’s way and I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll open and stay open. But I do understand that for many it will not be until 2022 until you get to ski / ride next.

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