Poll: Could a Covid-19 vaccination change ski travel plans?

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Waiting for the first snow: Picture taken 11th December 2019

As we await an available certified vaccine against Covid-19, here is a hypothetical question: If you could get a vaccination well before you travel, would you change your plans and book your ski snowboard trip?

That is the question I asked Bansko Bloggers in an online poll on Facebook and on Twitter at @bansko 

The Poll: Results

There were four options people had to choose from.

1. Yes, vaccinate me ASAP 39%

2. No vaccine for me, but I’ll still come to Bansko 47%

3. I’ve had covid-19, I reckon I’m ok, so I’m coming 7%

4. No, it’s still too much risk 7%

There were 137 respondents to the survey which was conducted on November 9th on Bansko Blog’s Facebook Page (77 valid responses) and Twitter @bansko (60 valid responses)

Does the figure of 47 per cent voting “No vaccines for me, but I’ll still come to Bansko” suggest that skiers are reckless? Or are they mainly from the UK, fed up with “lockdowns”?

If you were to generalise, maybe skiers are fitter, and younger, than the average person so this response could be expected. Then there’s the vaccine option 1 “Yes, vaccinate me ASAP” with 39% saying they will only come once they’ve had the vaccine. And this seems to have been reflected in the increase in interest in coming to Bansko since the vaccine was announced. But it also highlights how tourism may become connected to vaccination. 

David, a Bansko blogger, showing us the way down form Todorka

For me, the surprise result for me was that only 7% think or know that they have had Covid-19. And therefore that they probably have good antigens and, it seems for a while, would be protected from further infection.

And then the bigger surprise is that just 7% are definitely not going skiing / snowboarding this winter season because “It’s still too much risk”.

Twitter respondents were slightly more inclined than Facebook users to want to be vaccinated. It should be borne in mind that some respondents qualify their reply with that they would only come if their home country removed the requirement for mandatory quarantine on their return.

A few survey respondents on Facebook commented that they would only come to Bansko if there was a resort closure refund on lift passes. They meant season passes. Because there’s no need to commit to a ski pass until you arrive in Bansko. Some also said that they would only come if there was insurance cover in the event they fell ill with Covid while in Bansko.

I suspect that 7% who have had Covid-19 will grow. More people will get themselves tested and those that have the anti-gens will feel that the chances of contracting covid-19 are small. 

Banslp dreams: Sunny skies, corduroy pistes, with friends

Emotions run high on the Covid-19 topic and I am sticking to the view that it’s not my in my domain to encourage you to come skiing / snowboarding or that you should take any risk that you feel uncomfortable with. I will, however, work out a check list of the specific risks in a new post and will cover both medical and financial risks of coming to Bansko.

But there’s one thing I do know, because I am feeling it myself, is that the thought of big blue skies and fresh white snow sparkling on a cold morning is an image that can entice you to throw caution to the wind and start preparing for those slopes of Bansko. I’ll be back with the first video of the season here and on Bansko Blog’s YouTube and Facebook.

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