New Bansko App coming soon: Bultra launch showcasing Bulgarian Tech

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the all new v3.0.0 Bansko App for iOS (Android available too). Ready to download soon

As we are putting the final touches to the new iOS version of the Bansko App this week, I take a look at what part does Bansko Blog / App play in my world and a new initiative called Bultra. If you’re interested in the tech world and also how Bulgarian tech companies can play a role.

There’s no doubt that Bulgaria has a mixed image where low end tourism on Sunny Beach — with more mid level tourism in the ski resorts, like Bansko and the business world where there’s only been a few big exits and the vibrant tech world that is Bulgaria is mostly an unknown story. But behind the scenes there is plenty of innovative and high value-added work going on in the tech space. The question for all businesses is how to speak to more potential clients and partners for our app and web development business, App Factory ( App Factory has a solid track record since 2014 in developing apps and websites for health tech, mobility tech, ride sharing, restaurant delivery and payments. With this solid experience over 6+ years we need to be seen, and heard, more. 

To assist this objective App Factory is a one third partner in a new initiative, BULTRA – The Bulgarian Tech Trading Company. A joint venture partnership of App Factory, Elando and Niall Jones who, as Managing Director, has a background in networking and marketing. Bultra’s purpose is to help and support small to medium sized Bulgarian tech companies in their efforts to become more visible. And to grow their businesses through the UK market and beyond. 

BULTRA’s mission is to build its partner’s businesses. This happens on it’s website, through proactive campaigns and joint initiatives, blog and vlog content. Also growing business through trading and other, largely virtual for now, regular events we run with prospective trading partners, who may be interested in integrating our partners products and solutions into their businesses. We do this with the support of an expanding network of international contacts, specialists and growth agents in the UK and beyond.

Joining me, as Client Services Director as one third each of the BULTRA co-founders and JV partners are Stan Boychev, a seasoned senior Bulgarian tech team builder and leader of eLando, and the managing director with many years of experience, Niall Jones.

We will be working closely with specialist associates and growth partners based in the UK and elsewhere. The concept has been brewing for some time and the 2020 pandemic has brought to a head the value of combining the cost, effort and risk of working together as supportive, complimentary international growth partners.

So if you’re a small to medium sized Bulgarian technology company and have established teams or resources in Bulgaria then Butra could be just what you are looking for. Becoming a partner is designed to be very cost-effective. Once onboard the Butra team will do their best to make you visible and start connecting with the right people through our digital spaces, events and international contact network.

If you’re based outside Bulgaria and are interested in working with or hearing more about the opportunities to work with or integrate the solutions provided by the Bulgarian tech companies we represent then Bultra would also love to hear from you too.

Myself and the other BULTRA tech partners can easily arrange an initial chat to get to know each other and understand any potential requirements, or you can attend one of our regular events.

Here’s the brand new website, built by my team at App Factory Ltd –

For an initial chat reach out to us here –
Bultra will be doing a lot of virtual events, with a handful scheduled between now and mid January…

Check-out all our forthcoming events here –

With a new app, a new booking form and I just read as this goes to press, a covid vaccine announced today it’s looking more positive about more of you joining me in Bansko this winter.

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