Latest Vlogs: what’s new in Bansko?

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As I started this post the latest news was that there is a new Covid order, subject to approval tomorrow, that restaurants and bars must close for three weeks starting Saturday 28th November.

Sports events, conferences and other public events would be cancelled, as would privately-organised festivities.

Night clubs, discos and other entertainment venues would remain closed, with restaurants, bars and other daytime entertainment venues also shutting down. An exception would be made only for takeaway services at restaurants.

The main difference is that the proposal does not suggest closing down parks or setting up checkpoints at the exits of cities and towns. So this is not a full lockdown like we saw from March 13th.

The deadline to buy discounted season passes has been extended until 20th December 2020. Bear in mind there is no provision for a refund from the lift operator if the resort has to close due to covid19.

With that done I took a good look at the sprinkling of snow on Friday and on Saturday I took a stroll from the lights up to the gondola lift. There is a surprising amount of construction going on in town. But overall it is eerily quiet. No confidence how the season may go.

It’s looking like Christmas and New Year will be dominated by Bulgarians and possibly by Greeks and Romanians, if resort testing facilities are available.

But all this depends on getting covid under more control in terms of hospital admissions which have, at times, exceeded capacity.

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