Will You Come To Bansko This Winter? Poll Results

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Picture taken: 9th March 2020 — Lance Nelson (Bansko Blog) @ 180 on an epic powder day

Are you coming to Bansko? This was the question I put to @bansko twitter followers. The results are shown below:

At this stage, 59% waiting of followers are waiting see how covid changes the situation. They will then book. But there are 22% who have already booked flights. Only 13% say they will not come this winter season.

What is your the best strategy for booking?

Your ski season strategy depends on how much risk you are prepared to take. Firstly the best is just on the cost of the flights.

You can book your flight now very cheaply (like €20 or less each way) but you could lose the cost of the flight if you decide not to travel. You could also lose your money if the airline is insolvent at th time of travel. But your winter insurance will cover you for this (or possibly your credit card issuer may too).

The pros of this stratgey is that you get very cheap flights. Your transfer, ski hire and lessons can be booked with total 100% money back guarantee confidence here on in the Bansko App (it’s free for iOS and Android devices).

Reducing risk vs Cost?

Everyone is prepared to take different amounts of risk. Will there be a lockdown, will there be a quarantine? Will the quarantine be enforced? (ummm I’m not encouraging you to break the law — but some may see this as a factor).

If you can work from home, then why not work from Bansko? An extended trip reduces the risk and may be, personal circumstances allowing, lead you to make a life changing move.

For my own part, times like these can be the perfect opportunity to reassess what you want in life. Maybe an adventure in another country is just what you need. Maybe time to start a side hustle on the internet (this is how Bansko Blog started, btw in 2008). I believe it’s best to listen to how you feel rather than just what the media is telling you to feel.

And remember: Facebook, instagram, YouTube and twitter all have finely tuned algorithms to ensure you only hear views you like. It may be a good time to switch these off (apart from the anonymous Bansko App chat, of course) and join me on the piste for some why fluffy powder snow.

Here’s to the countdown of the ski season.

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