Will Bansko Open For The 2020/21 Ski Season?

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The Bansko ski season 2020/21 is fast approaching and of course it’s the time for speculation for everyone connected to the winter season in the mountains — wherever they may be thinking of going.

The short answer to this question is that, as we understand things, that Bansko WILL BE OPEN. There is a chance that this could change with a new outbreak. But let’s take a peak at what things may be like this season. But remember this is speculation and I can take no responsibility for the information below.

Who will come to Bansko?

Bulgaria borders with five countries. Greece, Turkey, Romania, Serbia and North Macedonia. Like Bulgarians themselves, many of the skiers in these country will consider Bansko as destination of preference. They will drive here with no need to buy a flight. Bansko is an inexpensive and a low risk option.

Low risk is the key to Bansko being popular for this group of people. No need for covid insurance cover for flight cancellation and, with plenty of affordable accommodation, they can book accommodation when they know for sure they can travel to Bansko.

When will they come to Bansko?

New Year, school holidays and weekends. Watch out for our article on 2020/21 school holidays in the region soon.

Weekends will be busy. So my advice is to ski during the week. Fly out on a Monday and return on a Thursday. The slopes outside those dates will be relatively quiet.

What about other Nationalities?

Some countries, like the UK, are waiting for quarantine rules to be dropped. If rules are relaxed, then flight prices will dramatically increase.

Should I book?

This depends on your risk appetite (and insurance provisions). I would think about booking cheap flights now and then leave the accommodation payment until I am sure I am travelling. Some airlines will let you move your flight for free but there could be a case to buy a flexible fare now if the premium is not too much.

If you are happy to take the potential increased risk of contracting covid19, then I would try and book three trips — the flight prices are low and make two of them shorter trips.

For your private transfer, ski hire, lessons and other extras these all book in here and in the Bansko App. All our drivers where mask and vehicles are disinfected after every transfer.

Should you decide not to come to Bansko, then you receive a 100% refund of all monies paid. All our clients received 100% refund for services booked here on Bansko Blog / App within a few days of the resort being closed.

Bansko for a whole ski season

With more working at home becoming the new normal, why not spend the ski season in Bansko? Regulations on travel and quarantine will not be an issue and, if you are an employee or have your own business, you can start thinking of tax optimisation.

Expect to pay around €300 a month for a good one bedroom apartment near the gondola lift. Become a digital nomad and keep moving every three months. It could become your life’s journey, an adventure of a lifetime and a complete way of life.

Armed with your season pass you’ll quickly meet many others doing something similar or people who are retired early and enjoying the mountain life.

Could now be the time to take some calculated risks to become part of many around the world who are free from the 9-5 and are working on becoming sovereign individuals? The world is their playground and Bansko is a perfect destination to start working remotely somewhere new.


Think about more shorter trips, try and avoid weekends and subscribe to my newsletter here for the latest updates on covid19, gondola lift opening and of course the snow. Put risks in perspective. Where a mask (all our ski/snowboard hire and lesson clients will have a low cost special Bansko mask provided).

Final word: looking forward to a ski trip is one of life’s best things. If you’re ready to come to Bansko, then we’re here. There has not been one case of covid19 in Bansko at press time. I was surprised. Bulgaria has suffered less mortality than normal (2,000 less than 2019 and 3,000 less than 2018). So, for now, most people here are relaxed about the risks… maybe too much so!

Sign up to my newsletter here for regular updates on the snow, restaurants, apres ski and any special regulations such as distancing and masks.

Most of all, prepare to have a great time. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Steve b says:

    Thanks for an honest opinion Lance . Hope to see you in the season 🙂 Steve b

  2. David Balazik says:

    Hi Lance
    Thank you for continuing to provide valuable information about Bansko. I am hoping to come out again twice next year.Are they restricting the number of lift passes issued and you have to pre book?

  3. Tyrone Higgins says:

    Hi ive used my friends apartment at the St Ivan Rilski for many trips to Bansko annually and really want to get booked for February again any ideas if the bars and slopes will be open? Obviously I’d expect some covid restrictions but really can’t get any answers or ideas anywhere.?



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