Types Of Luggage: How To Choose And When To Use Them

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Going on a trip for your vacation can be so exciting. As you’re in the airport, you’re ready to explore and experience an adventure. But an essential part of your trip is your luggage. Having a durable suitcase is one, but its style must also conform to where your adventure is leading you.

Having the appropriate type of suitcase for your travels will also prevent hassles such as baggage fees or the inconvenience of trying to fit your bags on the overhead compartment. You may also opt for cabin baggage options to avoid the possibility of lost luggage. To assist in your trip preparation, here are the types of luggage and its suitable uses.

Rolling Luggage

Typical suitcases that you can see people hauling around in the airport. These wheeled bags are convenient for business travel, family outings, and adventure to urban areas. These type comes in various sizes and can be hard side or soft side. 

  • Hardside luggage is best to protect your clothing, especially in cases of rain. The shell is made of materials such as polycarbonate, polycarbonate composite, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). 100% polycarbonate pieces of luggage are the lightest and most durable to its flexibility and resiliency. An inexpensive option is a polycarbonate blend yet a decline in sturdiness is observed. 
  • Softside luggage is best when you have heaps of items to bring. Exterior compartments and expandability options are features of these bags. Nylon and polyester are common materials used with some having water-repellant coatings. Ballistic nylon is best for durability and polyester if you want something lightweight yet durable.

Carry-on Luggage

These bags meet the average dimension allowed by airlines to take on the plane, thus its name. Carry-on luggage options include small rolling suitcases, duffel bags, tote bags, and duffel bags that can fit the overhead bin of a plane or under the seat. Carry-on luggage is designed for the user’s convenience, with ample space to store belongings yet small enough for mobility. If you are a light traveler, then this type of bag is best.  


These types are suitable for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping. Some variations can have frames for additional protection, and some have wheels for alternate mobility. Not all backpacks are small, a trend has been observed with large luggage having padded backstraps, converting them into a backpack. 

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are known for its feature of being easy to carry around. It can be stored easily due to the absence of rigid parts. However, most modern travel duffel bags already include retractable handles and wheels, making it easier to transport unlike traditional styles with only a handle or strap that can strain shoulders. Small to medium duffel bags are good for a weekend getaway or for short trips. It can easily fit the overhead compartment of planes.

Travel Totes

Also called a weekender bag, these are the best alternatives to handbags when going on a trip. This has ample space for your everyday items plus travel essentials such as tickets, laptops, gadget accessories, neck pillows, water bottles, and baby basics when traveling with kids. Of course, you need another bag for your clothes.

Regardless of the variety of luggage you choose for your next trip, ensure that it is of good quality and in excellent condition. The last thing you need is a piece of damaged luggage that could ruin your trip. Choose the type of bag depending on your destination, the activities on your trip, your budget, and your personality.  

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