Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Come To Bansko for 2020/21 Ski season

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Bansko piste
Piste 10: a favourite

Many of you reading this may be researching the options for skiing in 2020/21 ski season. You’ve decided to ski in spite of the events of 2020 (so far) and you’re wondering whether you should choose Bansko.

Read on for my top 5 reasons on why you should consider coming to Bansko. This is whether it’s for your first time ever skiing or if you are simply looking for a change of ski destination.

1. Save money

For the last three ski seasons my theme has been “ski under your means”. My message of value for money is backed up every year by various media comparisons. But, quite simply, you will save between 30% and 80% by coming to Bansko in comparison to most other ski resorts. A ski trip to Bansko is not about sacrificing quality; it’s about having a memorable ski experience on less money. A modern lift system, well prepared pistes, snow making, spacious accommodation, quality transfers, ski equipment and ski tuition and another four great reasons.

2. Food & Apres Ski

Shiligarnika lift: piste perfection

Skiing and fresh air makes you hungry. The choice of places to eat is huge and caters for all tastes. Try meat dishes from the many traditions mehanas serving tasty local dishes to sushi, Italian, Greek, Armenian, British, Chinese, Mexican and everything in between. Vegans have plenty of options from Smokey Mountain, The Irish Harp and more. Then the resort has you covered from inexpensive street food to fine dining. With plenty of live music venues from Amigos (with the Step By Step rock band), Euphoria, At Home, Queens Pub, Sing Sing to night clubs such as Oxygen. Sports bars such as Morris bar and Lions Pub.

3. Bansko is easy to get to

With many flights to Sofia Airport from all the major carriers and all the low cost airlines such as Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air you will have many options. This is why many regular book two or three shorter Bansko trips per season. The transfer time from Sofia Airport to Bansko is just 2 hours (up to about 2 ½ hours on rush hour times). Most of the road is highway and there are plenty of places to In addition you can fly to Plovdiv airport or Thessaloniki airport and whatever you decide you’ll find Bansko Blog’s hugely popular transfer service is super quick to book in the Bansko App (it’s free) for iOS and Android, or on our main booking form.

4. Ski and Snowboarding Private Lessons

There’s no doubt about it that having private lessons in Bansko is the best way to improve your technique. And the better you ski and snowboard the more you will enjoy your time on the slopes. So by booking private lessons you will save between 50% and 80% compared to more other resorts in Europe and the USA.

5. Bansko is more than the sum of its parts

Many people start trying too analyse ski resorts on numbers. Like the number of lifts or pistes or snow or bars. But there is one thing that I say to everyone, is that Bansko adds up to more than the sum of its parts. Yes, there are many resorts with more pistes, even a few more with more snow cannon (although 70% of pistes are now covered). But when you add in the quality of the pistes, the quality of instruction, the variety of apres ski then Bansko is much better than it may appear. This is why so many people come back several times per ski season and some even choose to buy a property here.


2020 will go down as the most extraordinary year. As I go to press we’re still talking about Covid19, Black Lives Matter, riots, any-riots, record unemployment, deflation, inflation, corruption. Well I say make your 2020/21 ski season one you’ll remember for all the good stuff. Fun times with friends and family in the snow with memories that will outlast the bad stuff.

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