Bansko Lifts Closed: Covid-19 pushes Bulgaria’s Bansko onto hazardous slope

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Picture taken: 16th March 2020 -- today, the last day

Bansko’s lifts are now closed. It’s happened on probably the best day of the season. But Bansko Ski resort has had a number of covid-19 cases and finally the decision was made. But now the hazardous times start. Protecting the elderly from infection has to be the priority.

So my last snow seems superficial now when you frame the issue as being a public health care system in Bulgaria that would shock most foreigners from the rest of Europe. It is not the best, in not just my opinion but by the fact that is has the lowest expectancy in the EU. That is more than indicative of my feeling.

Picture taken: 16th March 2020 - The Plato

Bulgaria will not be able to cope with large number of cases and equipment and supplies will be in short supply.

It’s now about avoiding illness and worse, rather than the economic impact. Being in Bulgaria, most people expect none or little state assistance. It’s back to friends and family to support each other. It’s what used to happen everywhere but still remains how we get by here in Bulgaria.

Picture taken: 16th March 2020 -- perfect pistes on closing day

Then there is the local economy which supports seasonal and locals workers alike. From lift operators, cash desks, bars, restaurants, cooks, servers, transport drivers, cleaners, ski instructors, ski shops, excursions, photographers, supermarkets — well everyone. and virtually every business. It will be an economic challenge to put it mildly.

Picture taken: 16th March 2020 - piste 10

From a personal perspective, here on Bansko Blog and Bansko App we just want everyone to know that we are independent. We rely on you, dear reader, to support Bansko Blog /app by booking your transfers, ski hire, snowboard hire, private and group lessons here. In addition, we rely on restaurant bookings and other services to keep the lights on.

We have introduced special measures to give refunds for everyone who has booked on / Bansko Blog App because, after eleven seasons of Bansko Blog, my partners and I are committed to always doing the right thing. Contact us with your booking reference number.

Picture taken: 16th March 2020 - -gondola lift entrance

It’s time to look after the elderly, the family and be responsible citizens, wherever we are. That is the priority.

Looking ahead at Bansko’s tourist industry, it has taught me that the ski season is full of people who are passionate, determined, professional and hard working. They have survived tough times in the past and those many small businesses, run by Bulgarians and foreigners alike, will adapt and survive.

Picture taken: 16th March 2020 -- bars and restaurants closed

Finally on this momentous day which also saw Borovets and Pamporovo now closed too.I would like to thank you for watching, downloading the app, contributing and being part of the community here that I love. And finally here is a recent snow report to remind us all how good Bansko can be:

PS:  A huge thanks to my team of snow reporters and media providers: Richard Z, David Ware, Chris Denham, TJ, Paul W, Samantha, Kris Khun, George Iopev and George (Bansko Blog team) for unfailing commitment to help others get the best out of Bansko.

Also huge  thank you to Clive at the for his tireless work in bringing the verified true information to English speakers on all things Bulgaria.

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