MessyWeekend Ski Goggles: What All Skiers & Snowboarders Need

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MessyWeekend ski goggles

Some of you have noticed I have been wearing some new goggles — you know the ones, the shiny green lenses that match my new jacket. Well after over a month of testing them in all conditions I can say that my new pair of MessyWeekend FLOAT ski goggles are just what I needed.

Here’s some more about “messy weekend” — surely the coolest name in the business:

MessyWeekend is a Copenhagen-based eyewear startup that only recently started producing ski goggles, but boy, have they got it sorted.  They recently updated their original FLOAT ski goggles with XE2 technology, meaning the new lenses are made with two layers of optical-grade polycarbonate, making them thin, light, and virtually impossible to crack.

Ski Goggles that work and look great too: MessyWeekend

They then go on to say  “…the high-contrast lens helps you see more clearly in difficult and foggy conditions, as it reduces eye strain and increases comfort in otherwise hazy conditions. As you go down the piste at high speed, you’ll be able to manoeuvre more easily through and around bumps and dips on the slopes that the naked eye would usually overlook. And no need to worry about the inside of your goggles fogging up; the inner side of the lens has an anti-fog coating and a ventilation system that provides optimum fog prevention all day.

The frames of MessyWeekend’s FLOAT ski goggles are manufactured out of the flexible material called “thermoplastic polyurethane,” making the FLOAT super durable and easy to wear. With three layers of soft foam fitted snugly between your face the frame, protecting you from the cold winds, and sturdy anti-slip straps, you can be sure the FLOAT goggles will stay secure throughout the day. This is all well and good, but the best part is yet to come.

MessyWeekend’s motto is affordability without forfeiting quality, which is why they offer their high-quality ski goggles for a fraction of the price other brands charge for the same features. Plus, they still manage to donate to cleaning our oceans! For every pair of ski goggles or sunglasses they sell, MessyWeekend donates to clean 2 kg of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean.

So there you have it, I’m fussy about goggles and these are by far the best pair I have owned, thanks to MessyWeekend.

You can get the FLOAT ski goggles in black or white, with green (revo-mirror coating) or silver (mirrored) lenses. Each pair comes with an additional yellow overcast lens.

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