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Childcare Bansko from Mindful

Childcare in Bansko is opening up and it’s great to have two qualified British services. The latest to win is Mindful Minding Bansko childcare. Rachel and her team offer a personal child mining service from morning until late at night.

Here’s what I think: with our young child, Anthony, I know how important a reliable child care service can be. It’s not something I would want to compromise on; and nor should you. Bansko and all parents will be very happy with the Mindful Minding Childcare service which has earned itself a great reputation.

Rachel says that her mindfulness practice reduces stress and improves the quality of life for not only for adults, but for children.  Why? Simply because their brains and bodies are still under development. Rachel Smith is a mother and mindfulness practitioner. She has brought Mindful Minding to Bansko. Rachel, or a member of her team, will come to you, or to your accommodation, with her fresh, patient, mindful approach to caring for your children.

So go on, feel comfortable bringing your children — from babies to teenagers to Bansko. You will be in safe hands.

For more information on their services click here

Brochure and contact is here: MM A4 Flyer


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