Dump of ❄️ Snow

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Picture take from video on 3rd December 2019

What a fabulous dump of snow we had last night. I was up at Shilligarnika to get some fresh air and it was just at the start of the snowfall to show you and the YouTube subscribers what was happening. You can see it was cold. Because a lot of snow had fallen in Sofia, I knew what was coming. See video below:


It gives me immense pleasure for me to see resort level snow lying on the ground. And whilst there will be melting in town for a few days, the cold temperatures will resume and snow making will continue. More snow arrives Tuesday 10th December next week and I think a reasonable amount of pistes will be open for the 14th December, the official opening. I’m looking forward to the 14th — it’s always fun — especially if you win a car in the Dig for the Treasure competition held up at the gondola area (Banderishka Poliana).

I’ll also get to meet Natalia (ex GM Kempinski Bansko) who has moved to Verbier and set up her own consultancy business. She has an epic view from one of the upscale Verbier Chalets there. When I hear the prices in the big name French and Swiss resorts, I am reminded what amazing value for money Bansko still is.

I’ll be back with another snow report on Friday 6th December and another on Tuesday 10th and then the 14th December for the opening ceremony. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and my newsletter here.


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Thought of the day: It’s not where you go but who you go with.




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