Rustic Reserve Winter Gin Comes To Bansko

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Rustic Reserve Gin and Gin Liqueur comes to Bansko

Rustic Reserve craft gin is a sign of Bulgaria’s progress on all the things craft gin. I was looking forward to this time. Craft gin was the biggest growing drinks segment in the UK in 2018 — with sales up 30% from the previous year. And now Dr Barabara Page-Roberts and her team have expanded the Bulgarian gin range from my favourite Craft 19 to include the epic Winter Gin Liqueur — a gin made by resting slightly sweet gin on organic (Bulgarian) Aronia berries for three months.

I have always been a big fan of Aronia juice — super healthy and energising. But now to have the slightly sweet gin with this fruit means a winter gin that is not only a perfect winter digestive but that it will mix superbly with English Ginger Ale. And this is just one of many winter cocktails this gin liqueur can mix well with.

So stay tuned, and subscribe, for more Bansko info and an update on the bars and restaurants that will stock Rustic Reserve Gin. If you want to know more or stock, or buy, the gin then the team from rustic reserve.


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