Avoiding Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Israeli and UK School Holidays: Winter 2020

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Picture taken 5th March 2019: On the Plato

We don’t need no education. If you send your little darling(s) off to school every day, then you’ll know that the state disapproves when you can, and can’t, take your family skiing holiday. Knowing this, it’s enough to make you consider home schooling and spend the whole season in Bansko.

For the rest of my dear readers, this piece has been put together for you to hack your Bansko trip and work out when Bansko is less busy. Read on for the Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Israeli, Russian and UK school holidays; listed in date order.

For my summary see my FAQ15: When is the best time to come to Bansko?

March 2019: Bansko Blog's favourite month or is it early April?

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Use the info below to help you decide. Then find flights. Book a hotel or if you are a larger group reach out to us here at banskoblog and we’ll give a few recommendations.  Then book your extras and save money by using our special discounted lift passes, ski hire, lessons and transfer service in BanskoBlog.com and Bansko App for Android and iOS. Booking a hassle-free ski trip is risk-free and simple with banskoblog.


Christmas 2019 and January 2020: School Holidays

January 2019: Richard Z, shredding first run on Plato

Bulgaria: 21st December 2019 to 5th January 2020

Serbia: 21st December 2019 to 1st January 2020

Greece: 23rd December 2019 to 6th January 2020

Israel: 24th December 2019 to 30th December 2019 (Hanukkah)

Greece: 30th January 2020

Romania: 21st December 2019 to 12th January 2020

UK: 23rd December 2019 to 6th January 2020

Russia: 28th December 2019 to 7th January 2020

Picture taken 11th December 2018

Turkey: 20th January to 31st January 2020

 25th to 26th January 2020: Audi FIS Alpine World Cup Women’s (Downhill and Giant Slalom)


Lance (Bansko Blog) says: Bulgarians tend to be with the whole family over Christmas, and not in the ski resort. So the pre Christmas period until the 27th December is not as busy in Bansko as it is in many of the Alpine ski resorts. Snow conditions less certain than later in the season.


February 2020: School Holidays

Picture taken 1st February 2019

Russia: 15th February to 24th February 2020

Bulgaria: 5th February 2020

Romania: 2nd February to 10th February 2020

Serbia: 15th to 17th February 2020 (National Holiday)

*England: 10th February 2019 to 21st February 2020

*Wales:17th February 2017 to 21st February 2020

View from the Kempinski: picture taken 1st February 2019

*see https://www.schoolholidayseurope.eu/school-holidays-2019-uk.html for all variations

Best time to ski in February is from the 21st February 2020.  Remember holidays start at the weekend


March 2020: School Holidays

Picture taken 5th March 2019

1st March is Baba Marta day. It is not a national holiday but you exchange Martenitsa usually in the form of a wrist band, woven by combining red and white coloured threads. These are worn on that day and through March, until a stork or a bloomed tree is seen, symbolising warmer weather and well being. Or rather when they look tatty, in my case.

2nd March 2020 is a Bulgarian public holiday due to 3rd March Independence Day falling on a Saturday.

Israel: 9th to 11th March 2020 (Pirin Break)

Russia: 21st  to 19th March 2020

Greece: from 2nd March, 25th March 2020

UK: 30th March to 17th April 2020

Israel: 31st March to 16th April 2020 (Passover)


April 2020 School Holidays

At The Top Of Bunderitsa 2 Lift: Bansko Loves You (picture takes April 2019)

Bulgaria: 4th April to 21st April 2020

UK: 30th March to 17th April 2020

Ireland : 12th April to 28th April 2020

Bulgaria: 4th April to 21st April 2020

Turkey: 6th April to 10th April 2020

Israel: 20th April to 27th April 2020

Romania: 20th April to 5th May 2020

Greece: 19th April to 20th April 2020

Russia: 8th April to 14th April 2019


26th April – Orthodox Easter Friday

29th April – Orthodox Easter Monday


When to visit Bansko?

Pizza @ 180 Restaurant - picture taken 2nd April 2019

Lance (Bansko Blog) saysVisiting Bansko at anytime of the year reveals different aspects. For all winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, back country, cross country skiing, skidoo, I especially enjoy the period from 6th March until end of the ski season: expected mid April 2020 but could be earlier, e.g. 5th April 2020.

In January Bansko is quietest from 9th January until 20th January because on the 2oth January the Turkish school holidays start and Bansko becomes busy once more. The FIS Women’s World Cup is on the 25th and 26th January 2020 and will mean that the Tomba (a black piste) will be closed for these days and from around the 17th January 2020.


More short trips are better than one longer one

Picture taken 11th December 2018

My theme for this season is for all our clients to ski under their means. Spend less than your budget. That involves being smart about booking flights that optimise time away from work and are convenient for you.

Be economical on your ski gear. But most of all booking two or more trips increases the chances of at least one of your trips having epic snow snow conditions. Those perfect blue bird days you see me out on the slopes reporting on our YouTube Channel.

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Picture taken 5th March 2019: My Favourite time for Bansko winter action

My mission with banskoblog, since its inception in 2008,  is to make this a place where you, the client, are at the centre of the business. My passion for Bansko, for customer service and for helping others have a great time are at the heart of everything I do and stand up for.

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Apres ski drinks in the March 2019 sunshine

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