FAQ #15 When Is The Best Time To Come To Bansko?

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Picture taken March 2019 - Learning in Bansko

When IsThe Best Time To Come To Bansko in the ski season? That’s the most frequently asked Bansko related question I receive in every count down to the ski season. And every season my answer is found on on this week’s video:


The secret is to decide what’s important for you. If your main aim is to have the quietest pistes possible then I recommend go just before Christmas and have Christmas in Bansko if you can. Remember from the 27th December Bansko is very busy and there will be gondola queues. Then your next trip around the 12th January, just as Russian holidays end but before the Turkish holidays on around the 21st and then anytime after the 14th March.

In the vlog you’ll hear me mention the idea of multiple trips being really good for beginners. Skiing and snowboarding is tiring so a three of four day trip with a break and then more trips within in three month period will see you make superb progress. Much more progress then just one 7 night trip.

These dates are perfect if you fancy doing two or more ski trips a year. Buying some low cost flights and arranging your transfers, ski and snowboard hire, private and group lessons all before you arrive. We have some superb ideas for large groups for accommodation. But of course booking.com and airbnb will always have some good choices. Try and be within 10 minute walk of the gondola.

Bear in mind that you can come to Bansko three times for the cost of one trip to big name French, Swiss and Italian Alps resorts. My cost estimations allow of good meals up the mountain and plenty of drinks with no holding back. In fact the more you party, the cheaper Bansko becomes relative to other resorts.

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