How to Face the Snow Like a Boss

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Whether you’re getting ready for winter or that you’re simply living in a place that has a snowy climate, gearing up for cold weather gets overwhelming sometimes. On one hand, you’d want to be prepared, but on the other, you don’t want to be bogged down by too much stuff you’re carrying. Regardless of what you bring with you outdoors, heading out unprepared is a very bad idea. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

Here are ways you can face snow like a boss:

1. Dress in Layers

Instead of dressing in fewer, but thicker layers of clothing, go for multiple thin, warm layers instead. This gives you better control of how warm or cool you want to get. You wouldn’t want to get in a position where you’re burning up when you put your coat on, but start freezing once you take it off. Also, take into consideration what you plan on doing for the day. Whether you’re planning on hunting, skiing, or even just taking a stroll, don’t overdress.

2. Protect your Face

Protecting your face when you’re out in cold weather is very important. At minimum, the cold air out has the potential to dry your skin, which can lead to blisters. At worst, you can get frostbite. Invest in good protective gear, like hats that cover your ears and coats with collars that can protect your neck and cheeks. If such a coat isn’t available, you can opt for a scarf instead. Keeping your eyes protected with the proper snow goggles are also important, since they’re prone to drying out as well.

3. Prioritise Shelter

If you’re dealing with snow in your neighborhood, finding shelter isn’t really that important, assuming you’re close to home. If you’re out in the wilderness, however, keeping your body protected from the elements is very important. Whenever possible, keep away from gusts of wind, which can potentially lower the temperature by several degrees. If there’s no shelter nearby, then you’ll need to make do with a makeshift shelter instead.

4. Get Proper Footwear

If you’re the type who likes hiking regardless of the weather, then getting the right kinds of shoes is very important. Make sure to get a pair that is both protective and durable. Also make sure to get some that is waterproof, to prevent fluids from getting in. The last thing you want happening is having wet feet in cold weather.

5. Know Where You Are Always

The last thing you’d want in the snow is losing your bearings. Like we’ve mentioned before, it’s not that important if you’re already in a place you’re familiar with, but it can be a totally different story if you’re outdoors. Keep yourself prepared by having a compass and maps handy to reorient yourself if you ever find yourself lost. If you have a phone, some can use GPS even in places without reception, which is very useful.

Preparing for cold weather seems simple enough for some people. Depending on how prepared you are, however, frolicking in the snow could mean hours fun, or getting yourself in danger. Find as many resources as you can and keep yourself ready for whatever could go wrong like the boss that you are.

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