The Ski Season That Keeps on Giving: Snow Report and Forecast

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Picture taken: 7th February 2019, from the Kempinski Hotel

As we are now half way through the Bansko winter ski season, it’s nice to pause for a second and reflect on how it’s all going. The good news was up until last Sunday that lift queues were way down on the previous season. And my greatest surprise has been how good it’s been for snow after the two previous outstanding seasons we’ve enjoyed here.

David did the main report today at Chalin Valog above. Chalin Valog is so often our favourite part of the mountain to be on. Take a look at the Chalin Valog blue run as I detour from the main ski road to Chalin Valog in this recent video:

The Bansko good news has continued for snow in spite of some higher temperature causing a little melting on the snow road and in town. But the holiday week for Romania meant this week that was almost as busy as last year. As always, Bansko bloggers know what to do and check out my blog post here on all the school holidays that affect the ski season.

Picture taken : 7th February 2019 - Bansko gondola lift queue @ 08:20

However, I am confident that, in spite of the disruption on piste opening for the FIS World Cup on 22nd, 23rd and 24th February 2019, the trend of visitors are down from last season will resume. In my eyes for the benefit of the overall holiday experience in Bansko, that is a good thing.

I am also pleased to see more of you think about shorter Bansko ski trips. Two are better than one. And two shorter trip are better than one long one. Simply choose the flights that suit you, find accommodation. These include two of our favourite Bansko Blog special offers at Valentina Heights Chalet and Luxury Chalet Tia Maria. Both offer an incredibly good experience for the money.


Snow forecast

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After last night’s fresh powder we have a little more for the morning. Then clear skies tomorrow and Saturday are assured with nice clear skies at night. So great conditions next week are assured. There will be more snow — probably around 10cm higher up on Wednesday. So Thursday will be a powder day.



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From now until 10th March the popular restaurants will be booked up. Regulars note two of may new favourites – Castello and Oscar Wine and Gastro. Two excellent editions to the Bansko eating out scene. I love both new venues. Also Wine Bar #25 is looking promising for drinks — I going for my second visit tomorrow Friday 8th February.

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