St Trifon’s Day & Valentine’s Day: Bringing Wine and Love Together

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St Trifon's Day - Valentine's Day: February 14th

It’s February 14th and that means it’s Valentine’s Day! Or here in Bulgaria it’s St Trifon’s Day (known as Trifon Zarezan in Bulgaria). St Trifon’s is the patron of winegrowers and here are several legends why February 14th is celebrated as Trifon Zarezan. But the clue is in the word Zarezan which mean cut, or prune.

Whatever the real legend is… many Bulgarian wineries celebrate the day with a ritual of pouring wine into the soil, pruning some vines and then drinking copious amounts of wine washed down with chicken and rice — and of course the obligatory bread that is baked for most festival days.


Some ideas for wine and love

Wine lovers go to VIP Room terrace

Love and wine make a great pair and Bulgarian wine offers up, mainly good mid priced red wine. Bansko restaurants have risen to the challenge for demand for wine and the selection is usually okay but rarely exceptional.  This is not the usual pump for valentine’s night restaurants, well a little shill, but more some thoughts on what makes a great dining experience with good wine.

On the slopes the best PQR (price quality ratio) wine are at 180 Bar & Restaurant. Try the Korten Grand Vintage (2017) 50 lv. For a romantic setting go to the VIP Room (book in-app). Fine dining on the slopes that would not be out of place in Verbier or Courcheval.

From budget to fine dining it’s getting that sweet spot where the food, the experience and value for money combine to make the perfect evening. Oscar Wine & Gastro (link to my review) is hitting that sweet spot for me right now. Deyan has real passion for wine and his personal recommendations have always been spot on.  From steak to trout to vegetarian options I have been impressed on my three visits there so far.

Orbelus wines: Visit the winery near Melnik (Picture taken at DiVino November 2017)

And do try some Bulgarian varietals like Melnik and Mavrud as well as some excellent blends o these. A good range of wine is sold by the glass.

On the way there also try wine bar #25. A more limited range but as the place is under new management I am sure we will see things expand there in time. A few good craft gins (Tanquery Ten, Brockman’s) are also sold there.

So many different cuisines can be found in Bansko. And blog readers and App users are trying more bars and restaurants than ever before. Most places have good wine.

From the ever popular Euphoria, The Irish Harp, Smokey Mountain Bar & Grill, Oscar Wine & Gastro, Penguins, Ginger, Lions Pub, Queen’s Pub, Red Hot, Come Prima (at the Kempinski Hotel), Sushi & Teppanyaki (at the Kempinski Hotel) and the amazing special deals at Valentine Heights’ Tipsy Bar (e.g.Wednesday Curry Night).

Deyan at Oscar Wine & Gastro (Bansko Old Town)

If there’s no love in your life or you agree with me that everyday value for money is important, then why not kick off your apres ski at Morris Bar? Just 2.5 lv for 500ml of local beer — what could possibly go wrong with your night at that price?

Whatever you do enjoy your food and wine in Bansko and be sure to support the blog by booking your table in the Bansko app ( or or in this link:

Join me in raising a glass of wine to love and a reflection that 7 years, to the day, Bansko App went live!


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